Paradox Arc & Kodo Linija Will Release Stardeus On PC Next Month

Paradox Interactive's smaller studio Paradox Arc, along with developer Kodo Linija are set to release Stardeus for PC this October. This is an interesting sci-fi title that blends base-building and colony sim genres together to make an interesting storyline. You will be playing yourself in the future, so to speak, as you have died and your consciousness has been uploaded to a space ship's computer. That ship, by the way, has basically been destroyed. Using your newfound powers as a computer that doesn't sleep but thinks like a human, it will be up to you to rebuild the place before humans can come back to living there. Or, more to the point, living inside you.

You'll use a series of drones to clean the place up and restore it to its former glory, as well as eventually evolve yourself so you have more things you can utilize and control within the place. Which you will then use to help keep it running functionally and protect it from other dangers so that it, and you, are not destroyed again. The game will launch into Early Access on October 12th, 2022.

Paradox Arc & Kodo Linija Will Release Stardeus On PC Next Month
Credit: Paradox Arc

Stardeus is a sci-fi colony management simulator with aspects of automation, base building and space exploration. As a new AI tasked with building and managing a massive starship, the player must supervise robots, drones, and humans as they handle the construction and maintenance of their mobile colony, while responding to any problems that may arise from external catastrophes or the unreliable nature of their free-willed colonists. Craft machinery and resources, automate production chains, manage power and oxygen, and ultimately take to the stars to explore new planets, trade with merchants, and fend off violent raiders. Stardeus offers emergent storytelling through an in-game Story Generator, modding support, countless customization options, and is developed in close collaboration with the game's community as new options and features are added.

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