A Petition Has Been Started To Cancel 'Far Cry 5', Which Reads Like Parody But Could Be Real

Before we dive into this story I just want to make this clear: We don't know if this is a parody or a real thing, which we'll get into. If it's a parody, we salute you! If it isn't… well… read below.

Today on Change.org, a group called Gamers United started a petition to "Cancel Far Cry 5." The petition starts off by decrying that they've had enough from Ubisoft as a company and that the latest game needs to be scrapped and changes made to it. What changes, you may be asking? Altering the villains so they're not a radical religious group, altering the plot so the villains seem more sympathetic, and changing the setting from being in America to Canada. There's even a moment in there to suggest they make the villains Islamic, saying that and inner city crimes are more "realistic."


The commentary is about what you would expect it to be, with just about every gaming journalist, streamer, influencer and commentator laughing their ass off at this petition. Others are appalled that anyone would have even taken the time to write it up since it clearly shows signs of ignorance toward culture. (Well, to be fair, it's not like Far Cry as a series has ever strived for realism or acting politically correct.) Some have actually signed the petition to see it through to the easily obtainable goal of 1,000 people, most of them seem to be joking just to see how far the petition will actually go. Which, incidentally, what do you do with these online petitions? Give it to Ubisoft in an email?


Now again, and I need to stress this, if this is a parody, it is well done! That is some of the funniest junk I've read in a petition in a long time, and I'm thrilled to see what the end-game is for the author. But let's be honest with each other for a second… considering the ignorance and political climate we find online today, there's a decent chance this isn't fake. So if it isn't, here's the part that the person who wrote it up (and any who agree with them) needs to comprehend.

There's a certain "point of no return" in gaming production, marketing, licensing and scheduling. Once you hit that point—shy of the game being one of the most racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, war crime titles ever produced—a game will not be canceled. Far Cry 5 is well past this point with trailers, cover art, a release date and more. Shy of the company somehow going belly-up in the next few months, Far Cry 5 is getting published by Ubisoft as-is.

As of when we wrote this post, the petition has received it's 1,000 votes. Now we just have to wait and see what the next big reveal is.

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