PGA Tour 2K21 Adds Halloween-Themed Drip To The Game

Yes, it's true, event PGA Tour 2K21 is getting into the Halloween-themed content as they've added a few things to the game. This one, however, is a bit odd. When you generally think of Halloween events in video games, the first things that come to mind are special skins or events, maybe a character to two will make a random appearance, you'll get some awesome stuff and have a spooky time. Even if none of that happens, you at least expect to come across levels that have been decorated in Halloween items and have themes around them. But then you get to PGA Tour 2K21 and… there's much to be desired.

You know what says Halloween? Wearing a pumpkin on your head. Courtesy of 2K Games.
You know what says Halloween? Wearing a pumpkin on your head. Courtesy of 2K Games.

The Halloween items that they have in the game are cosmetic in nature, as you get different putters shaped like a taco, a banana, a hot dog, a fish, and more. For costumes, you get things like an oversized hat and a pumpkin head. So, we just need to say this outright: We know better that 2K Games can do better. They have done better in other games. This is absolutely weak for a Halloween gimmick, and since we know for a fact the people at 2K and their developer studios can do better, we're blaming the PGA. Because… just look at these images. This is the kind of stuff your dad thought would be cool when he found out you're making a game. "Hey son, how about you make my putter a taco? Because I looooooooooooove tacos! And gimmie a large hat, too!"

This is lame, and we know they can do better, so we're asking very politely to 2K Games, HB Studios, and Illogika… take two days and design something better. Even if it's putting purple skies and thunderstorms in the background with spiders on the grass and fake ghosts hanging from trees. Give us something better!!!

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