Phantasy Star Online 2 Announces Frame Arms Collaboration

SEGA and Kotobukita have come together for a special collaboration between Phantasy Star Online 2 and Frame Arms. The game is launching a new AC Scratch Ticket Collection with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl starting today, along with a number of other Christmas festivities and a newly revealed New Year's set of activities and items. We have some of the details for you below, but you can read a more in-depth version here.

A look at Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl in Phantasy Star Online 2, courtesy of SEGA/Kotobukita.
A look at Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl in Phantasy Star Online 2, courtesy of SEGA/Kotobukita.

Hunt some Rappys, visit the Shopping Plaza, and enjoy the festive décor starting on January 1 and ending on January 20th. Ring in the new year with Nyau! Another year, and Nyau is just as ready for a throwdown as ever! He's looking sharp, so be prepared to do your best and forget the rest! Except don't forget about the rare drops, because he may have a few of those up his sleeves. Your favorite feathered fowl is back – with flames! That's right, Rappy has pulled out his dragon costume and now responds to "Drago Rappy"! Keep an eye out for him while exploring Arks, because he has some great items, including quite a few Rappy Suit: Minis!

Start the new year with new décor in Phantasy Star Online 2! Need a little extra luck before heading for your next Affix, operative? Be sure to visit the Shrine in the Shopping Plaza to find out your fortune! The New Years décor doesn't end there of course, as there are additional festive garnishments throughout the Shopping Plaza and in the Gate Area! The flowers, though still snow covered, are beginning to hint at Spring; and the trees are showing new signs of life! All that and there's still just enough snow to build Snow-operatives!

Christmas celebrations will end on December 31 so join in now! Take part in the Christmas on Ice quest and earn limited time rewards. Help Xia get ready for Christmas and receive featured rewards and a few Rising Weapons Badge 5. Keep a look out for Santa Rappy and Umbra for some gifts and goodies. Show off your bingo skills to win special rewards! Franca's Café has been transformed into a winter wonderland; check it out today!


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