Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Reveals New Characters In Latest Trailer

Natsume Inc. and Taito released a new trailer this week for Pocky & Rocky Reshrined as we get introduced to some new characters. If you're not familiar with the game,  the original 1992 version follows the adventures of a young shrine maiden named Pocky and her companion, Rocky the raccoon, as they make their way around trying to save a small group of creatures known as the Nopino Goblins. But this time around the duo is getting a little bit of help as the developers have added three new characters, each with their own special traits and abilities, to help you out on your quest. We have more info on all three below and the latest game trailer showing them off. Enjoy the trailer while we wait for an official release date to be announced.

Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Reveals New Characters In Latest Trailer
Credit: Natsume

Pocky is a shrine maiden who lives in a remote mountain shrine. She once saved the Seven Gods of Fortune, who had been kidnapped by monsters. She is a very kind girl who does not discriminate between people and monsters, but shows no mercy to those with bad hearts. Rocky is a raccoon who lives in the mountains behind the shrine with his fellow monsters. He is Pocky's best friend and has come down the mountain to tell her about the strange happenings in the forest. The new characters are:

  • Ame-no-Uzume: A goddess from the Land of the Kami and founder of the shrine maidens, she lends her power to Pocky, who has wandered into her world from the future.
  • Ikazuchi: Also known as a Thunder Beast, this monster weasel is feared for her tremendous power that causes intense weather changes. However, her power isn't strong enough against Black Mantle, who has taken her prisoner!
  • Hotaru Gozen: An unrivaled female samurai who has been brought back to life by Black Mantle to be used as his pawn.

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