Pokémon GO Has Fixed The Worst Aspect Of The Game

How many hours of our lives have been lost to the post-battle animation following Team GO Rocket encounters in Pokémon GO? The numbers are incalculable. It has been said that some players are still clicking through the screen, trying to speed up the slow-rolling breakdown of rewards given to them from their very first Team GO Rocket battles back in 2019. Some people have even passed away of old age while waiting for the unskippable animation to pass. These post-battle animations, which are essentially identical to the post-raid animation which can be skipped with some quick tapping, have been slowing down Pokémon GO ever since Team GO Rocket invaded the game. How truly villainous.  Now, Niantic is finally righting their most dastardly of wrongs. Starting with the newest update to the game, the post-battle animation will finally be skippable.

Sierra in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Sierra in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

The world may never know why Niantic visited this evil upon the Pokémon GO community. Rumor has it that multiple players have lost thumbs from their desperate tapping in an attempt to speed up the dismally slow creep of this animation. We spoke to a source who chose to remain anonymous, who said:

When I first defeated Sierra, I was… I was just so happy. Her Shadow Pokémon were such a challenge for me, but my team pulled through. I was so proud of my Rampardos, Charizard, and Swampert. We felt like, more than ever, a family. That all fell apart after the battle. Instead of training my Pokémon, I've been attempting to click through these damn rewards for the past six months. My Swampert left me for a Water-type trainer. I haven't seen Rampardos in weeks, and I'm beginning to fear that it may have joined Team GO Rocket. Why would Niantic do this to us?

Now, once that update goes through, perhaps that trainer can begin rebuilding his life. One can only hope that the Pokémon GO community at larger will recover now that the darkness has passed.

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