The Pokemon Series Had Sold Over 300 Million Games

Man dressed as Pikachu jumps white house barrier

Pokemon is basically embedded into modern culture now. Most anyone could pick Pikachu out of a lineup, game player or not, and as we saw last year, Pokemon Go really took over for a few weeks.

That's why it's not that surprising to hear that the franchise has sold massively over its lifetime. Now we have a number on it too. The Pokemon Company has said to Famitsu (via that across their 76 titles (!), they have sold 300 million copies. That's just 23 million short of every single person in the US buying a Pokemon game. Somehow, this number doesn't include Pokemon Go either, which was downloaded a whole bunch. The recent release of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can't have hurt though.

As a person who believes that Pokemon is really a force for good in the world, here's to it and a long future ahead.