Power Rangers Deck-Building Game Reveals Omega Forever Expansion

Renegade Game Studios revealed a new expansion for the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game as Omega Forever will be coming soon. Like previous expansions, you'll need the main game in order to use this one, but it comes with a ton of content that will delve deep into the ever-growing lore of the franchise that's been built in recent years, especially with diverging timelines and parallel universes. For this particular expansion you'll be getting the Omega Rangers vs. the Anointed content, which will bring in over 80 new cards to the game that will change up how you'll go about making choices. The pack will also come with the new Fusion Zords, which allow for high-powered combinations on the battlefield. You'll be able to use Dayne's arsenal of weapons, which are plentiful, to say the least, and you'll also be able to utilize the awesome power of the Omega Coins. You can pre-order the expansion right now for $30 via Renegade's shop, as it will eventually be released and shipped sometime in June 2022. You can read more about the contents below.

A look at the box art for Omega Forever, courtesy of Renegade Game Studios.
A look at the box art for Omega Forever, courtesy of Renegade Game Studios.

Omega Now, Omega Forever! When the Morphin Grid was shattered, its energy empowered individuals across the galaxy. In this expansion to the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game, you can play as one of the powerful Omega Rangers or the dangerous Anointed. Both sides bring new cards and mechanics to the fight! Cavotus for example is the only villain that can actually flip to his empowered side without having all of his attachments slots filled (and watch out when he does!), while the Rangers can make use of their new Omega Coins to temporarily flip to their Ranger side, OR can use the coin when already morphed to trigger additional effects!

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