Not Quite Up To Snuff: A Quick Review Of 'Project Nimbus'

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Project Nimbus is probably one of the more intriguing titles to cross my PC in a while. After being in Early Access for the longest time, the game got a proper release in September featuring a 3D mech action battle game that doesn't quite feel like a lot of other titles in the same genre. The short version is that you take charge of a young pilot inside a flying mech who is tasked with taking out a vicious enemy who also have the same technology as you. You'll run into battle arenas and do a little destruction and a little bit defense in order to help your side prevail.

You can swap between first and third-person view with a small diagram of yourself in the lower-right corner showing what parts of your mech are in good standing and which are on the verge of being destroyed. The head and torso are the ones you need to worry about the most as they keep you together, while the limbs are expendable to a degree. A combination of homing missiles, gun turrets, lasers, and other weapons make up your arsenal as you'll need to choose what works best for every mission.

The game has a good progression to the story, but the game has several flaws. First off, your menu system is totally weird and can cause you to key things at the wrong moments. Some players will need to go in and reprogram it to their needs. The survival mode is a joke as you can basically fly around the edge of the map and win with homing missiles. The AI often come into battle and do nothing in the missions, making them easy to kill and just there to eat up time. And as far as the actual storyline goes, there's nothing of record to show your progress or to help you remember what just happened.

I would have liked to recommend this, but Project Nimbus needs a lot more work on the little things. People who love the mech genre will get a kick out of it, but they're probably going to be the only ones. At some point in time, you kinda have to kick the can down the road in Early Access and put the game out, but it's clear this one needed to stay in development for a while longer.

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