PS5 Owners Are Getting Banned For Selling PlayStation Plus Access

Well, you can't really blame PS5 owners for trying to get some of their money back, even if what they're doing is shady. According to a few different websites over the weekend, PlayStation 5 owners are getting busted for selling their access to the PlayStation Plus Collection on their accounts. If you're not familiar with this setup, back when the PS5 was finally revealed a bunch of the games were trotted out, one of the big selling points to PS4 owners was the PlayStation Plus Collection. This would give PS5 owners access to every single game instantly that had ever been given away for free on the PS4 through that subscription system, essentially giving you a massive PlayStation library for free (to a degree, you still gotta be a member). And if you own both a PS4 and PS5, you will have access to all of those games through your account on both systems.

Sony Reveals The PlayStation Plus Collection During The PS5 Showcase
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Well, it seems some people who don't own PS4's decided to take full advantage of this concept by selling the access they had to people who were willing to fork over their hard-earned money just to access that library by selling players their account access. Some have been making hundreds selling their accounts to multiple people at $5 a pop. According to one report on Twitter, thousands of people have been getting their PlayStation accounts banned on their PS5 after it was discovered what they were doing. So not only did the people who paid money for it get cheated out of the access, but those who had it to begin with are now removed and can't gain access anymore. We're gonna give it a month before Sony decides to throw down the hammer on all of this and restrict the Collection to just PS5 owners.

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