Quantic Dream Announces Detroit: Community Play

Quantic Dream announced today that they will be launching its official live channel on the Twitch platform next week for all to see. The stream will take place on Monday, May 25th, 2020, at 11am PT/2pm ET, hosted by Erika Ishii and Malik Forté. The live stream will also be broadcast on their official Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. During the stream, they will be showing off their latest addition called Detroit: Community Play, which you can read a little more about below.

Check out Quantic Dream's first Twitch live stream on May 25th.
Check out Quantic Dream's first Twitch live stream on May 25th.

From their homes, Quantic Dream teams will look back at the highlights of the past year since the announcement of the Heavy RainBeyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human PC port. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Heavy Rain and the two-year anniversary of Detroit: Become Human, key actors from these games will join the live stream (also from their homes) to answer fans' questions and share unique memories of their experiences during production.

On the occasion of this first live broadcast, Quantic Dream will announce and preview Detroit: Community Play, a free interactive stream extension that can be used exclusively on Twitch. This new extension, designed by the team that created Detroit: Become Human, will reinvent the viewers' gaming experience by introducing a live multiplayer dimension. More than 150 polls with multiple responses will automatically appear to viewers at key moments in the plot, allowing them to influence in real-time the way the streamer plays, and thus actively participate in the narrative construction of the game. Bryan Dechart, the award-winning actor behind main character Connor, and Amelia Rose Blaire will provide more information on how it works, and how and when streamers can install it themselves, during this exceptional live stream, with an unprecedented demonstration on the "The Hostage" chapter of the game Detroit: Become Human.

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