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Giveaway - Detroit: Become Human Limited Edition Art Print
This very special print was created in a partnership between developer Quantic Dream and international games illustrator and Chibi artist Yuko Kazui What do you need to do to win this print? In order for a chance to win, it just requires you to do two things on Twitter All you have to do is[...]
Quantic Dream Becomes Exclusive Publishing Partnership For Dustborn
Some interesting news this week from Quantic Dream as they have become the exclusive publisher for Dustborn Red Thread Games has been working on the title for some time now out of their studio, and while we haven't heard a ton about the game so far, we were under the assumption that the company would[...]
Quantic Dream's catalogue is making its way to Steam in June.
Quantic Dream's catalog of titles is making its way from the Epic Games Store as PC releases to Steam next month in June That means soon you can catch Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human on the platform just as summer rolls around, according to Quantic Dream itself. Quantic Dream's catalog is making[...]
Quantic Dream Announces Detroit: Community Play
Quantic Dream announced today that they will be launching its official live channel on the Twitch platform next week for all to see The stream will take place on Monday, May 25th, 2020, at 11am PT/2pm ET, hosted by Erika Ishii and Malik Forté The live stream will also be broadcast on their official Twitter,[...]
Quantic Dream Announces Self-Publishing Initiative On 23rd Anniversary
Quantic Dream has celebrated their 23rd anniversary by announcing they will now be self-publishing their own titles The company, who has primarily been releasing titles as PS4 exclusives at launch, has decided to break out on their own and will be offering games on their own terms at their own pace We have the details[...]
Detroit: Become Human game still
Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream came under fire last January after several current and former employees described the studio's toxic work environment in interviews with several French magazines. The interview with Le Monde described the studio as, "a company characterized by a toxic corporate culture, a management with inappropriate words and behaviors, under-considered employees, overwhelming[...]
Detroit: Become Human
Another company has decided to make some of their titles Epic Games Store exclusives as Quantic Dream will bring three of their games to PC The company formally announced that Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain will join the platform's library sometime in 2019, finally bringing them to PC but making them[...]
Detroit: Become Human game still
has managed to purchase a minority stake in French developer Quantic Dream Quantic Dream has made a name for themselves with titles like Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, which is one of the factors that caught the attention of the China-based company as they look to develop the next generation of games together with them[...]
Detroit: Become Human
Quantic Dream has had a pretty decent year with Detroit: Become Human, but it looks like they got big plans on the way for 2019 Yesterday night, the team posted a quick note to Twitter thanking all of their fans, but at the same time, teasing something great to be announced in the new year. Thank[...]
Quantic Dream Loses Court Case Against a Former Employee
Quantic Dream is now probably revising their employee manuals today after a former employee just won a court case against them While the word got out about their toxic work environment, the company were actually in the middle of a lawsuit with a former employee, about that very environment. According to Eurogamer, the Paris-based developer allowed[...]
Detroit: Become Human game still
There are ardent supporters of Quantic Dream's games as well as vehement critics and Detroit: Become Human was no different in how it hit the market. One thing is for sure though, and that is that we can expect more David Cage games in the future But could one be a sequel to the recent hit game?[...]
Detroit: Become Human game still
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Quantic Dream's PlayStation exclusive Detroit: Become Human is a game fraught with several major problems, but despite those, it is still a fascinating attempt at giving players an insane amount of control over the game's narrative direction The individual moments that make it up, the gameplay, the sociopolitical ramifications of the various narratives, and the status[...]
Detroit: become human logo
While we did reach out to Quantic Dream as well, we did not hear back about covering the game Thus, we had to resort to the usual methods of playing a game: waiting until release and picking it up ourselves. And of course, we couldn't let this one go past us, regardless of any personal feelings[...]
Quantic Dream Releases Their First Short Film for Detroit: Become Human
Quantic Dream are now turning up the promotion levels for Detroit: Become Human on high as we're now seeing the first of four short films being released for the game These films are designed to give a pre-story before the events in the game occur The first film has a bit of a simple yet ominous[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment has just released a brand new TV trailer for their upcoming Quantic Dream game Detroit: Become Human featuring one of the game's lead characters, Kara But the ad does more than just put you in Kara's shoes, it makes you responsible for her choices Obviously, when you play a video game, you[...]