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2022 Hopes For Pokémon TCG: How To Make The Year

Happy New Year! As 2022 begins, we are still over a month away from the release of the first new Pokémon TCG set of the year. Today, I will look to the future and lay out my hopes for what Pokémon TCG will deliver in 2022.

Brilliant Stars graphic. Credit: Pokémon TCG
Brilliant Stars graphic. Credit: Pokémon TCG
  • No cards left behind: One of the biggest bummers of the end of the Sun & Moon era was how many cards never made it over into the English-language Pokémon TCG. By the time cards from Tag Team GX All-Stars would've made it over into English, the TCG had moved to Sword & Shield. That, to me, does a disservice to collectors and should be avoided. A great way to avoid losing cards at the end of an era is to do premium collections that function as a card dump, like how we with the Premium Trainer's Collection at the end of the XY era. 2022 will almost certainly end with Japan releasing a high-class set, so my deepest hope of the year is that the Pokémon TCG doesn't let the cards from that set slip from English-language collectors.
  • Alternate Arts to the end: Right now, Alternate Arts are the biggest chase cards in the TCG. To make 2022 a win, I hope that each main series set will include these kinds of cards until the conclusion of the Sword & Shield era. Even with Character Cards coming back, it would be a shame to lose Alt Arts as they have led to some of the most creative illustrations we've seen in the hobby.
  • Retire some card types: Some card types, though, can go. Rainbow Rares are beautiful but with the increase in Black & Gold Secret Rares coming soon, I think this style of card can be sent off into the sunset. We already expect V-STARs to replace VMAXes as the final few VMAXes come out. Personally? I'd love to see Secret Rare Trainer Items leave the Pokémon TCG for some time.
  • Pull from the past: Last year, we saw the release of older cards from previous eras that had never come to the English-language TCG including two Gold GXs from the Sun & Moon era. My hope is that we see the release of all the missing Golds and all the missing Sun & Moon-era Full Arts through promo boxes.

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