Razer Teams With Mars Wrigley To Make Respawn By 5 Gum

Razer has added another consumable product to their Respawn line as they have partnered with Mars Wrigley for some gum! The two have released Respawn By 5, a different take on the "5" chewing gum the company produces with a bit of a  twitch garnered toward the flavors Razer has been producing with their Respawn energy drinks. This particular gum is sugar-free and is formulated with B vitamins and nutrients such as green tea extract. The gum comes in three flavors, two of them from the Respawn line of drinks as you get Tropical Punch and Pomegranate Watermelon, while a third more traditional gum flavor has been added with Cool Mint. You can purchase it through the Razer store at the link above as well as a select number of retail outlets. So, not so much locating them at 7-Eleven or CircleK, think more BestBuy and FYE. Here's a couple of quotes from the announcement.

Let's see which esports players can win and chew gum at the same time, courtesy of Razer.
Let's see which esports players can win and chew gum at the same time, courtesy of Razer.

"Respawn was created to address the clear market for food and beverage products in gaming that help players maintain focus and mental agility during gameplay, without the intense rush provided by many energy products," stated Sean Driscoll, Senior Product Evangelist for Respawn Ltd. "Mars Wrigley brings with them immense experience and market leadership in the gum category and was a perfect partner for our new consumable line."

"Finding an innovative way to service new and existing customers, and uniquely so within the gaming space, is one way we continue growing our gum business, maintain our leadership and demonstrate expertise," says Flip Block, Global Brand Director at Mars Wrigley. "It was an easy decision to align with Razer and RESPAWN's existing drink mix line to develop this product and satisfy a new market with Respawn by 5."

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