Recursive Ruin Set To Be Released This Wednesday

Iceberg Interactive revealed last week that they will be releasing the kaleidoscopic narrative puzzle game Recursive Ruin this Wednesday. This is an interesting game that will essentially throw you into the middle of an existential crisis where you'll need to solve environmental puzzles that continually change around and make it even harder head time you solve something new. The trailer alone, which you can see down at the bottom, is a mind trip unto itself and just a sample of what you'll be able to experience as you learn more about the character, their past, and even a bit about yourself. You can read up more about the story below as the game will be released on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on May 18th, 2022.

Recursive Ruin Set To Be Released On May 18th
Credit: Iceberg Interactive

In Recursive Ruin, manipulate an infinitely recursive landscape to solve a series of environmental puzzles as you work through your own struggles with grief and a creative crisis. With Behemoth, The Cat at your side — or at least somewhere nearby — unlock an introspective journey through your past and discover new meaning in a chaotic world. Lose yourself in the Infinite Realms, a dying, fractal world of strange beauty and mind-bending physics that repeats eternally inward and outward. Uncover the secrets of seven hypnotizing landscapes filled with hidden spaces and bizarre celestial denizens.

Overcome the impossible and use circular logic to manipulate recursive physics and solve challenging, self-referential puzzles. Begin an introspective search for meaning and experience a bittersweet story that cascades into the surreal. Use your unique abilities and shape the world to beat back the scourge known as Ichor, a malevolent substance eating away at the fabric of reality. Through the fight against the Ichor, and the satisfying completion of peculiar puzzles, balance out the chaos of the Infinite Realms and reconcile your own inner turmoil.

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