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Mahokenshi Receives New Trailer Ahead Of Free Demo
Iceberg Interactive and Game Source Studio have dropped a brand new launch trailer for Mahokenshi, as the game is officially available today If you haven't had a chance to check this game out, this is an extensively challenging title that has been artistically designed to be one of the most captivating turn-based strategy games you'll[...]
Strange Horticulture Now Available For Mac Via Steam
Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Bad Viking announced that Mac owners can now get their hands on Strange Horticulture on Steam The game has actually been out on Steam since January of this year, as players have been taking on the tasks of this cozy game where you solve puzzles related to working in a[...]
Land Of The Vikings Releases New Early Access Trailer
Iceberg Interactive and developer Laps Games have released a brand new trailer for Land Of The Vikings as it launched into Early Access last week The trailer isn't too long, but it does give you a sense of everything you'll have access to in the game as they will slowly be adding content over time[...]
Lord Of Rigel Will Arrive In Early Access This October
Iceberg Interactive and Rhombus Studios revealed today that Lord Of Rigel will be coming to Steam Early Access in early October The team revealed more about the turn-based 4x space grand strategy game this week during EGX 2022, as you'll be able to explore a galaxy filled with different planets and alien races to encounter,[...]
Mahokenshi Receives New Trailer Ahead Of Free Demo
Iceberg Interactive has revealed a new trailer for Mahokenshi as they will release a free demo of the game on September 22nd The game isn't set to be released until January 2023; however, the team wanted to give you a taste of what's to come as you can try out this limited version of their[...]
Iceberg Interactive Reveals More About Doomblade At Gamescom 2022
Iceberg Interactive, along with indie developer Muro Studios, revealed more about their upcoming game Doomblade during Gamescom 2022 The 2D action Metroidvania had originally been revealed a few months ago, but little much was said afterward as it was still in development with no official release window planned That's changed a bit as the team[...]
Recursive Ruin Set To Be Released On May 18th
Iceberg Interactive revealed last week that they will be releasing the kaleidoscopic narrative puzzle game Recursive Ruin this Wednesday This is an interesting game that will essentially throw you into the middle of an existential crisis where you'll need to solve environmental puzzles that continually change around and make it even harder head time you[...]
Transient: Extended Edition Will Be Released December 8th
Iceberg Interactive and Stormling Studios announced they will be releasing Transient: Extended Edition for PC and consoles on December 8th The game is technically already out on PC, however, owners will be able to get a free update to bring their version up to this current one, while those on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch[...]
Hacking RPG Midnight Protocol Receives An October Release Date
Iceberg Interactive and developer LuGus Studios revealed they will be releasing Midnight Protocol onto PC in a couple of weeks In case you haven't been seeing the promotion for this one lately, this game is a tactical narrative-driven RPG that comes with its own special and unique keyboard-only controls You will need to hack into[...]
Sacred Fire Will Be Released In Early Access Next Month
Iceberg Interactive revealed their new psychological RPG title Sacred Fire will be coming to Steam's Early Access this October Developed by Poetic Studio, every single choice you make leads to a new set of engagements that will test your will of courage and affect how things will play out for you throughout the game To[...]
Iceberg Interactive Announces New Dating Sim A Minuet In Power
Iceberg Interactive announced this week that they will release Ambition: A Minuet In Power onto PC on August 18th, 2021 Developed by Joy Manufacturing Co., the game will take you back to 18th century Paris where you play a young woman of fashion trying to survive in a city of love, lies, political turmoil, and[...]
Iceberg Interactive Highlights Their DreamHack Beyond Plans
Iceberg Interactive has revealed their plans for DreamHack Beyond this week, as they have several games lined up for the next week Starting today and running through July 31st, the team has put together several free PC demos and updates for you to check out as part of their interactive participation in the event You[...]
Iceberg Interactive Announced Iceberg Ahead 2021 For March 30th
Iceberg Interactive revealed they're holding their own livestream event again as the Iceberg Ahead 2021 stream is coming on March 30th The previous streams have done a pretty good job promoting what the company has coming, especially in the pandemic times as we have no conventions happening at the moment and everything is being done[...]
Iceberg Interactive Announces New Dating Sim A Minuet In Power
Iceberg Interactive announced this week they have picked up a new game from developer Joy Manufacturing Co called Ambition: A Minuet In Power Perhaps a bit timely with Brigerton doing well on Netflix as we write this, as the game sets you on the path of a woman of fashion trying to survive the political[...]
Iceberg Interactive Announces "Star Dynasties" For PC In 2021
Iceberg Interactive and Pawley Games announced a brand new game this week as Star Dynasties will be coming to PC in 2021 This sci-fi strategy game is basically a Game Of Thrones in space as you rule over a loosely scattered empire where you'll deal with invasions, family drama, military issues, and politics over the[...]
Don't Lose Your Head in the Colorful "Headsnatchers," Out Next Month
Credit: Iceberg Interactive Don't lose your head, but Iceberg Interactive and IguanaBee's colorful new game Headsnatchers is coming next month. The game is about to hit both Switch and PC on November 7, as IguanaBee just announced There's no official word on when the PlayStation 4 version will drop, but it's apparently still coming. This neon-tinged party game[...]
Iceberg Interactive To Hold "Iceberg Ahead" At Paris Games Week 2019
Iceberg Interactive is the latest studio to start their own pre-convention event as they will be holding Iceberg Ahead prior to Paris Games Week 2019 Today the company announced that on Tuesday, October 29th at 7pm GMT/3pm EDT, they will be holding their own livestream event in which the will talk about ten indie games[...]
"The Sojourn" Receives A Proper Launch Trailer
Iceberg Interactive has announced today that The Sojourn will be released on September 20th, and with it came a new launch trailer for the game This game, if you haven't been checking it out, is a 3D explorative mystery game where you'll be solving puzzles in a weird little environment Think Myst, but without all[...]
"Shortest Trip To Earth" Will Launch On Steam Next Week
Iceberg Interactive and Interactive Fate have announced that their rogue-like space simulation game Shortest Trip To Earth will hit Steam next week The game will officially launch on August 15th in Early Access, promising it to be "better than 98% of other Early Access games" and "the best game that [they] have ever purchased" You[...]
Auto Draft
Developer Corbie Games and publisher Iceberg Interactive have revealed a brand new sandbox mode will be coming to Railroad Corporation Basically, it will allow you to mess around and create whatever your heart desires, as well as give you some ample practice in what works and what doesn't before you dive into the core elements of[...]
Iceberg Interactive has revealed a brand new game this week as we'll be getting a Lovecraftian cyberpunk thriller in Transient Set to be released sometime in 2020, this game looks like it came from the darkest corner of the future cyberized internet Like, it's pretty freaky just on its own without anything major revealed about it[...]
Iceberg Interactive Adds Pax Nova to Early Access Today
Iceberg Interactive announced this morning that they will be bringing Pax Nova to Early Access on Steam today for players to try out The Greywolf Entertainment developed game has been getting a little buzz but we haven't quite seen what the game can really do until today To help people out, they released a handy[...]
Railroad Corporation Receives a Gameplay Trailer and Early Access Date
Iceberg Interactive and Corbie Games have released a new gameplay trailer today for Railroad Corporation as the game finally gets an Early Access date The game will officially be coming to Steam on May 27th, giving you many of the options you'll see in the trailer below, but it won't be a complete version of[...]
4X Strategy PAX Nova will Launch in Early Access May 9th
credit// Iceberg Interactive Iceberg Interactive and indie developer Greywolf Entertainment have announced that 4X strategy title Pax Nova will be released on PC through Steam's Early Access program on May 9th, 2019. Pax Nova is a sci-fi turn-based 4X strategy game where players control one of several factions which are divided between three races Players will explore new[...]
Auto Draft
Sometimes you get a game where you just get to be a kid again, like when we tried out Railroad Corporation from Iceberg Interactive at PAX East Developed by Corbie Games, this is exactly what you might think it is and more as you're essentially a railroad baron of sorts who is putting together a[...]
The Soujourn at GDC
credit// Iceberg Interactive Iceberg Interactive and Shifting Tides' The Sojourn is a gorgeously atmospheric adventure game that tasks players with finding the darkness within the beautiful world around them Players will uncover those dark secrets by solving unique puzzles that have a habit of screwith with your perception of reality. The game is broken up into four chapters,[...]
Iceberg Interactive and Greywolf Entertainment Announce Pax Nova
This week, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Greywolf Entertainment released the official announcement trailer for their upcoming game Pax Nova It's short and sweet, doesn't give away a ton of information, but it gives a nice primer as to what you can expect in their latest 4x strategy game Enjoy the trailer and the description below. credit//Iceberg[...]
Iceberg Interactive Releases an Announcement Trailer for The Sojourn
Iceberg Interactive has released a brand new 4K trailer this week, formally announcing their next game called The Sojourn The inide adventure title developed by Shifting Tides looks pretty interesting as you appear to be in first-person mode choosing your own path in life, which will shape around you A combination of action sequences and puzzles to[...]
Headsnatchers Gets a New Trailer Promoting Early Access in July
So today, IguanaBee and Iceberg Interactive have released a brand-new trailer for the game, announcing that it will be coming to Early Access on Steam on July 10th. You can check out the trailer along with an official description of the game below We highly recommend you give this one a shot as it plays like few[...]
I'm Just Trying Not to Lose My Head in Headsnatchers
Probably one of the funniest games we came across on the last day of PAX East came to us from Iceberg Interactive in the form of Headsnatchers If you didn't get the concept from the title, it's basically a game where you snatch heads off your opponent's bodies The game is a multiplayer melee game[...]