Red Bull Launches a Limited Edition Ninja Branded Can

Red Bull has decided to put their first Twitch celebrity on the side of their product as Tyler "Ninja" Bevins will be on the side of the cans for a limited time. The company decided to surprise him in a fake photo shoot, showing off his face on the can and getting his reaction below. The company is also holding a contest as part of the promotion, which you can read more about below. While it's a really cool moment, we're enjoying the Twitter and Twitch backlash more as people are both happy for him, but you can tell they're also tired of seeing him singled out. But hey, when you're the platform's most recognizable name… you're going to get deals others don't.

The can launch also offers consumers the chance to meet and game with Ninja. Consumers can visit and upload a picture or video creatively showcasing how they game for their chance of being selected. The chosen winner will be flown with their duo partner to a Red Bull gaming event for an experience of their lifetime. Runners-up (2nd-5th Place) will receive iconic Ninja merchandise and premium gaming hardware. Full contest rules and entry details are available at  Submissions must be in by 5/31/2019 11:59PM PST.

"It's been a year beyond my wildest dreams and a big part of that has come from joining the Red Bull family and the wings they've given me," said Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. "To get my own Red Bull can is more than I could have ever imagined and I am stoked to celebrate the launch by giving my fans a chance to join me for a gaming session."

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