Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Are Now Asking "Where is Gavin?"

Its kinda funny to wake up one morning and find that your name is tied to a video game meme, but that's what's happening with Red Dead Redemption 2. Players have been slowly rolling out the hashtag #WhereIsGavin this week after being pestered by a man who seems to be looking for a missing person named Gavin. A mildly acquainted British man named Nigel who will pop up in random towns and be asking for anyone's help to find his mate. Which includes harassing you every time you run into him, as seen from this video.

The two parts to this side-story that make this all the more mysterious is that there is no voice credit for a character named Gavin in the game, and someone has found evidence that Nigel has been lying to people back home that the two have struck it rich. Now obviously, if you don't want to deal with Nigel, you can always shoot him and deal with the consequences of that action. However, the minute this story came across my proverbial desk, it reminded me of another mystery from the first Red Dead Redemption. The Mysterious Stranger. I would find it funny as hell if it turned out that you were Gavin all along with a new name, but that's just wishful thinking.

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