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Latest Rumor Suggests Rockstar Games Has Scrapped Bully 2
If you believe the latest rumors regarding Rockstar Games, it sounds like Bully 2 may have been scrapped by the team The rumor started on the GTA Forums, where one of the more credible leakers of information by the name of Tez2 says that the game was essentially scrapped by the company as the team[...]
Take-Two Interactive Has Registered Grand Theft Auto Vice City Online
It appears that Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are preparing for the next Grand Theft Auto game in advance We've known for a long time now that the company is pretty much working on Grand Theft Auto VI, but we're probably not going to be seeing it for a few more years after everything the[...]
Auto Draft
Which is something Rockstar Games doesn't get enough credit for in all of their titles Sure, Grand Theft Auto as a series has you doing a lot of wacky and insane challenges with storylines that could never really happen But the attention to detail in certain aspects of those games is weird and pretty cool[...]
Grand Theft Auto V could soon be free on the Epic Games Store.
The game would be up for grabs until May 21, and then it would return to its original pricing structure. Grand Theft Auto V could soon be free on the Epic Games Store. Rockstar Games and Epic Games have indeed worked together in the past for a special joint effort with Red Dead Redemption 2 When the[...]
GTAO Alien Costumes
Want an excuse to dress up even more ridiculous than you already do in Grand Theft Auto Online? Rockstar Games is giving you one The devs made an announcement on Twitter that for a limited time, you can get some ridiculous merch in the game totally free, saying "Green and Purple Martian Bodysuits are free[...]
Rockstar Games is literally giving money away in GTA Online this month.
Rockstar will be giving away half a million dollars in GTA Online currency for such a simple task that even if you don't actively play the game, it feels worth grabbing all of this free money for doing something as easy as breathing. Rockstar Games took to its official Twitter account with the announcement, noting that[...]
Rockstar Games is working hard to do its part to help reduce the effects of the novel coronavirus, at least when it comes to monetary contributions. The Red Dead Redemption II developer announced that it would be donating five percent of its in-game transactions in Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto Online to small businesses[...]
Credit: Rockstar Games It seems like we hear new Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors just about every other day With that in mind, it's hard to tell whether any of them actually hold any water. However, it looks like the recent rumors that there could potentially be a reveal on the horizon for Grand Theft Auto 6[...]
Rockstar Games Will Soon Have It's Own PC Launcher
The latest gaming company to join the list of organizations that will let people work from home due to the coronavirus is Rockstar Games. Credit: Rockstar Games The company sent out the statement you see below on Twitter, letting fans know they're taking precautions Even though it reads like a copy and paste version of the last[...]
"Red Dead Redemption 2" Patch 1.19 Is Here
Credit: Rockstar Games Rockstar Games has debuted the latest batch of content for Red Dead Redemption 2 – and it's come in the form of the game's latest patch. Credit: Rockstar Games Rockstar Games has debuted the latest batch of content for Red Dead Redemption 2 – and it's come in the form of the game's latest[...]
Rockstar Games Appears To Be Teasing A New Announcement
If you believe the latest rumors about what Rockstar Games is up to, it looks like they're about ready to announce a brand new game The company is still riding pretty high on both Red Dead Redemption 2 as well as Grand Theft Auto Online, and technically wouldn't need to make a new game for[...]
Rockstar Games Will Soon Have It's Own PC Launcher
Some big news today that may be signs of a shakeup at Rockstar Games as co-founder Dan Houser has officially departed the company Take-Two Interactive posted a notice of his departure, declaring his last date of employment will be on March 11th, 2020 Here's the full statement. Credit: Rockstar Games After an extended break beginning in the[...]
Rockstar Games Received £37.6m In 2019 U.K. Tax Cuts
An interesting little statistic popped up over the weekend in terms of how Rockstar Games did business in the United Kingdom during 2019 According to TaxWatchUK, a new report from 2019 shows that the company cleaned house with £37.6 million (about $48.9 million) from tax cuts Here's a little info from the report on how[...]
GTA Rockstar
Rockstar Games responded to The Verge and let them know the reasoning, which has more to do with game keys than anything else Here's the quote they sent to them. Credit: Rockstar Games "Grand Theft Auto IV was originally created for the Games For Windows Live platform," a spokesperson from Rockstar told The Verge. "With Microsoft no longer supporting Games[...]