Return To Monkey Island Has Been Officially Announced

We got an interesting surprise this morning from Devolver Digital as they revealed Return To Monkey Island is currently in the works. The company is working with Ron Gilbert and his development company Terrible Toybox, and apparently Lucasfilm Games are also in on the mix to help bring this game to life. If you couldn't already guess from the title, this is the latest game to be made for the Monkey Island series, which was originally a LucasArts title clear back when the franchise first debuted in 1990 on PC.

The last original game for the series that wasn't just a remake of one of the original games was Tales Of Monkey Island, which was released clear back in 2009 for several platforms and brought the series to mobile devices. Since then it has kind of been stagnant, changing hands and having plans canceled here and there. There was even talk of doing a Pixar film at one point which died a slow death. So up until today this was one of those games where people have been saying "wouldn't it be cool if?"

Promo art for Return To Monkey Island, courtesy of Devolver Digital.
Promo art for Return To Monkey Island, courtesy of Devolver Digital.

Well, it looks like things are about to get very cool very quickly, as it appears all things area god for this game to be released sometime in 2022. No major details were given out today as the trailer you see below is just an announcement with absolutely zero info. Well, not entirely. They do make fun of the fact that there have been multiple internet rumors over the years of what it would take to get Gilbert to make a new game in the franchise. But even the game's official website is just telling you to check out the trailer. So for now, we just have to be patient and wait until… let's be real, until Summer Game Fest to find out.

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