Risk Of Rain 2 Hits 650k Players in First Week of Early Access

Gearbox Software has a lot to celebrate this week as Risk of Rain 2 managed to attract over 650,000 players within the first week on Steam's Early Access. After being announced during PAX East and released into the system the same day, the sequel to the indie hit slowly but surely built a quick following from people checking the game out. Developer Hopoo Games posted a new entry on their DevBlog expressing their joy and gratitude, as well as listing off a ton of changes they will be bringing now that they've received so much feedback.

Rosk Of Rain 2
credit//Gearbox Software

Overall, we're ecstatic with the gameplay of Risk of Rain 2. There are some crashes we are trying our best to address, especially on game boot-up.

A goal we are currently trying to figure out is the most appropriate Customer Support path going forward. We've been helping players manually, but a lot of players are falling through the cracks. DMing people through Discord isn't the most efficient. Will update everyone with info once it comes.

Another goal is a general roadmap for the game: what does the future of Risk of Rain 2 look like? How frequent are patches, compared to Content Updates? Will they be major chunks of content or trickling in over time? What would the community feel would keep the game the most enjoyable throughout Early Access?

We have internally finished a patch to address a lot of initial feedback and critical bugs – it is in QA and hopefully available to everyone early next week.

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