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Risk Of Rain 2 Will Launch The Complete Game On August 11th
Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing have released a free update for Risk Of Rain 2 to celebrate its Early Access anniversary The update serves as a bit of a "thank you" to fans for supporting the game since its debut two years ago There's a lot to unpack from this update, starting with Bandit returning[...]
Risk of Rain is Headed to Google Stadia Next Week
Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing are bringing the popular 3D roguelike Risk Of Rain 2 to Google Stadia, complete with an exclusive new stage Originally announced during the Gearbox Digital Showcase at PAX Online, this news means you can enjoy the game wherever you go, so long as you have a device capable of streaming[...]
Black Screen Records Reveals Othercide & Risk Of Rain 2 Vinyls
Black Screen Records revealed two new vinyl video game soundtrack releases this week with Othercide and Risk Of Rain 2 Both of these are presented in awesome 180g vinyl as you're getting the complete soundtrack for both Othercide is going for €30 to be released in September, while Risk Of Rain 2 with extra records[...]
Risk Of Rain 2 Will Launch The Complete Game On August 11th
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games revealed today that Risk Of Rain 2 is leaving Early Access and will get a full release on August 11th Being called the Launch Update, this will add a bevy of brand new content to the game including story cutscenes, a new Survivor, Final Stage, Final Boss, Server Browser, and[...]
Multiplayer roguelike Risk of Rain 2 is aiming to exit Early Access this year.
Multiplayer roguelike Risk Of Rain 2 is planning to make its exit from Early Access on PC and consoles later this year The game first launched in 2019, and ever since its debut, it's been introducing quite a bit of additional features here and there, expanding on the initial foundation until quite an impressive product[...]
Risk Of Rain 2 Hidden Realms
Those of you playing Risk Of Rain 2 on console have a brand new update to check out as Hidden Realms has been added, with another on the way Hopoo Games added the content to the console version of the game, and also announced a brand new Artifacts 2.0 update will be coming on March[...]
"Risk Of Rain 2" Receives Third PC Update With "Hidden Realms"
Gearbox Publishing just released a new update to Risk Of Rain 2, as the game enters a new set of circumstances with the Hidden Realms The update has allowed players to unlock and assume control of a new Survivor, Acrid, a melee-range hybrid The last of which uses powerful poisons to melt tanks quickly.You'll also[...]
Rosk Of Rain 2
Gearbox Publishing dropped a new content update into Risk Of Rain 2 this week, giving players The Loader as well as other updates While the game still remains in Early Access, it does show the devs are looking to do more with it while under that banner Here are some of the changes with the[...]
Gearbox Releases Details For The "Risk of Rain 2" Scorched Acres Update
Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing have released details today about Risk Of Rain 2's next update, Scorched Acres, which is now live We have the details below direct from the devs about the new character REX and the new additions to the game that you can expect to see Enjoy the new Risk Of Rain[...]
The Scorched Acres Update Is Coming To "Risk Of Rain 2" This Week
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games are gearing up to release a brand new update for Risk Of Rain 2 this week with "Scorched Acers" The game is still sitting in Early Access, meaning that as much as we want to say it's already been released, it's technically "not released" yet So the update, in a[...]
Rosk Of Rain 2
Hopoo Games and Gearbox Software released some pretty cool news this morning as Risk Of Rain 2 has surpassed one million units sold The feat is just a little impressive seeing as how the game was released into Early Access on Steam just five weeks ago, and the full release of the game isn't going[...]
Rosk Of Rain 2
Gearbox Software and Hopoo Games have revealed an Early Access roadmap for Risk of Rain 2, showing their plans for the game going into 2020 As you can see from the graphic below, the company is planning to expand content in the game over the next six months with an eventual release to take place[...]
Rosk Of Rain 2
Gearbox Software has a lot to celebrate this week as Risk of Rain 2 managed to attract over 650,000 players within the first week on Steam's Early Access After being announced during PAX East and released into the system the same day, the sequel to the indie hit slowly but surely built a quick following[...]
We're Getting A Sequel To 'Risk Of Rain'
Hoppo Games dropped a lovely bombshell on their Tumblr yesterday as they revealed with screenshots and gif footage that they're currently working on Risk Of Rain 2, a sequel to the popular 2013 indie platformer As taken from the quote below, the game is now in 3D, which looks pretty cool as they've been able[...]