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Risk Of Rain Returns Reveals New Providence Trials Game Mode

Risk Of Rain Returns: Providence Trials is a new game mode that will put you through a series of challenges to unlock more in the game.

Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have added a brand new game mode to Risk of Rain Returns as players can experience the Providence Trials. The team introduced the new mode on the game's Steam page, as this will bring in several single-player mini-game challenges to the mix, each one using a different Survivor with a different set of abilities, each on a custom stage. You can read more about it below as we have some snippets from the post written by the team. The game is set to be released sometime this year.

Risk of Rain Returns: Providence Trials art, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.
Risk of Rain Returns: Providence Trials art, courtesy of Gearbox Publishing.

"There are over 40 different trials planned for release – today I'm going to showcase three of my personal favorites with you, starting with a mobility-focused trial for Loader. Racing against the clock the goal of this Trial is to gain points by collecting as many coins as you possibly can scattered throughout the custom stage while avoiding attacks from Swifts and Mushrooms. Along with points you can also collect items to speed up your progress, a combination of Hardlight Afterburners, Hopoo Feathers and Backup Magazines can be found to aid you, along with some custom Bonus Stock pickups for your skills."

"When you reach certain point thresholds, items (with a small degree of randomness) spawn in your cage to help you reach the higher scores. As time marches on the enemies that spawn get stronger and faster making some real panic moments where a perfectly executed active reload can make the difference between success and failure. Finally let's take a look at a strategy-focussed trial featuring Engineer. Set on a small custom stage the start of the trial is triggered by collecting either ATG Missiles or Prison Shackles from the center platform. Once started, groups of enemies spawn on the stage in waves and you have full use of your abilities to defeat them. Between waves, 2 new items spawn, and you have to pick between them before increasingly difficult enemies start to spawn. If either you or one of your turrets dies before you achieve the target score, you fail the trial."

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