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Remnant II Releases New Challenger Archetype Trailer
Gearbox Publishing has dropped a new trailer today for Remnant II, as they have given us a new look at the Challenger Archetype that you can play as This specific archetype specializes in up close and personal combat as they will take on anything and everything, even if they're not the best equipped But they[...]
Star Trek Online: Unraveled To Be Released On May 9th
Gearbox Publishing revealed the latest expansion for Star Trek Online is on the way, as Unraveled is going to be released for PC players on May 9th, 2023 Players will be able to experience an entirely new storyline in which you'll head off on an adventure to find and prevent a new force from messing[...]
Neverwinter: MenzoberranzanC
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have released an official launch trailer for Neverwinter: Menzoberranzan, which officially goes live today on PC and consoles In case you haven't seen this one yet, this is a brand new module written by R.A Salvatore and Gene Salvatore, continuing the story set up in Northdark Reaches featuring the drow[...]
Risk Of Rain Returns Reveals New Providence Trials Game Mode
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have added a brand new game mode to Risk of Rain Returns as players can experience the Providence Trials The team introduced the new mode on the game's Steam page, as this will bring in several single-player mini-game challenges to the mix, each one using a different Survivor with a[...]
You Can Pet The Dog In Latest Trailer For Remnant II
Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games released a new humble trailer for Remnant II that shows you can pet the dog in the middle of chaotic evil Specifically, this trailer shows off the Handler Archetype class that you can take on, who specializes in canine combat and teamwork to accomplish tasks and missions, while also utilizing[...]
Neverwinter: MenzoberranzanC
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios officially announced the 25th module for Neverwinter, called Menzoberranzan, is getting released in a couple of weeks This will be a major update that brings in the conclusion of the two-part storyline and campaign written by R.A Salvatore and Geno Salvatore, first introduced during Northdark Reaches This brings players to[...]
Have A Nice Death
Gearbox Publishing has released the third and final trailer today for Have A Nice Death before the game is released in a couple of weeks This final trailer, put together by developer Magic Design Studios, shows off some of the tools of mass "death-struction" that you'll have at your disposal as you wind your way[...]
Homeworld 3 Releases New Blog Featuring Battle Details
Blackbird Interactive and Gearbox Publishing have released more details about Homeworld 3 in a new blog, which goes over a lot of in-game visuals and content The team went into detail about a few different topics, with a better look at the evolution of the enhanced battle visuals and other additions to the game to[...]
Have A Nice Death
Gearbox Publishing has released the second of three trailers they have lined up for Have A Nice Death before the game is released next month Along with developer Magic Design Studios, the team is giving you a proper tour of the company you'll be working at, aptly named Death Inc This is the company that[...]
Have A Nice Death
Gearbox Publishing has released the first of three new trailers on the way for Have A Nice Death before the game is released next month The first trailer, which we have for you down below, shows off what it will be like for you as CEO of Death Inc on your first day While being[...]
Homeworld Fleet Command Announces Crowdfunding For New Set
As you can see from the image below, the team is working with Gearbox Publishing to bring a tabletop experience that will feature a wide array of ships designed to help you to grow your massive intergalactic fleet against up to four other opponents in fast and epic battles The team have already shattered the[...]
Risk Of Rain Returns Releases New Developer Video
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have released a new developer video for Risk Of Rain Returns, going over a few new additions to the game This particular video has the team going over a couple of areas, specifically revolving around customization with alternate survivor abilities, while also going into detail about one new ability per[...]
Pinball FX Reveals Gearbox Pinball Collection Based On Several Games
Zen Studios has partnered with Gearbox Publishing to release the Gearbox Pinball Collection for their hit title Pinball FX The collection will be three separate games, each one taking the theme of an IP owned by the company, as you'll have games based on Borderlands, Homeworld, and Brothers In Arms All of them have different[...]
Star Trek Online: Refractions
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios have launched the next expansion for Star Trek Online as we dive back into the Mirror Universe with Refractions The storyline picks back up where they left off with Wesley Crusher coming into contact with V'Ger, as we now see the events unfold through the eyes of Beverly Crusher We[...]
Gearbox Publishing Announces Risk Of Rain Remake
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games revealed the original Risk Of Rain is getting a remake with Risk Of Rain Returns Coming close to, and let's be real, probably going to be held for release until the tenth anniversary of the game, this remake will give the game a completely new look with enhanced visuals, an[...]
Have A Nice Death Receives Final Early Access Update
Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios have released the last Early Access update for Have A Nice Death, and it's a doozy! The update is called Executive Decisions, and with it comes so much content trying to cover it in a single paragraph wouldn't do it justice They basically went all out to add as[...]
Neverwinter Announces Northdark Reaches Event With Dev Video
Gearbox Publishing has revealed that the Dungeons & Dragons title Neverwinter will be holding a special event for Northdark Reaches Right now, players can experience The Way of The Drow, which will start today and run all the way until December 1st, giving players a chance to snag some cool items for the game, including[...]
R.A. Salvatore Co-Writes New Story For D&D Title Neverwinter
Gearbox Publishing revealed details this week of the new content on the way next month, as we'll soon be getting the Northdark Reaches expansion module The big factor in this new content is that it was written by Salvatore and Geno Salvatore, as the two will be bringing in an original experience that takes cues[...]
Homeworld 3 Shows Off New Carrier Si
Plus a new video showing it off from the game. Credit: Gearbox Publishing "Sometime in 2020 we were workshopping ideas for the Kalan Raiders, back then we just called them Pirates – the story was still very early in its evolution and we focused more on their visual backstory Design needed a small fleet to introduce early[...]
Have A Nice Death Receives Natural Disasters Update
Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios have released a new update for Have A Nice Death they're calling Natural Disasters Starting today, you can access the Natural Disasters Department, which is an entirely new world filled with new bosses and enemies to fight through Plus, you'll be getting new spells, a new scythe weapon, a[...]
New Tales From The Borderlands Shares New Gameplay Trailer
The original title created by the first incarnation of Telltale Games was a favorite among fans of the Borderlands series, but 2K Games and Gearbox Publishing are looking to take that and run in a different direction as they look to grow the series and expand it beyond a simple choose-your-own-adventure series This new game[...]
Wesley Crusher Comes To Star Trek Online In Next Expansion
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios revealed the next expansion for Star Trek Online as Wesley Crusher is making his presence known Revealed during Star Trek Day, the new addition will be called "Ascension" and will continue the Mirror Universe storyline currently happening in the free-to-play MMORPG, as the mirror version of Crusher will be looking[...]
Tribes Of Midgard Reveals Animated Trailer For Survival Mode
Gearbox Publishing has a new update on the way for Tribes Of Midgard, which they are celebrating with a special animated trailer The update, which is set to launch on August 16th, will bring with it a brand new season called the Inferno Saga The major addition to it is a revamped Survival Mode, which[...]
Tribes Of Midgard – Season 3 Is Set To Release On August 16
Gearbox Publishing and Norsfell revealed that Tribes Of Midgard – Season 3: Inferno Saga is getting released on August 16th The season comes with a ton of content, which we have listed for you below along with a trailer But the shorthand is that it includes a new Saga Quest, Saga Boss, Volcanic Spire Biome,[...]
Have A Nice Death Adds Brand New Fast Food Update
Gearbox Publishing has released new content today for Have A Nice Death as the team has given us a brand new Fast Food update You'll dive into the belly of the beast, so to speak, as the Toxic Food-Processing Department is now officially open for business, with all of its personnel being required to join[...]
Star Trek Online Releases Stormfall On Consoles With An Event
Gearbox Publishing has officially launched the latest expansion for Star Trek Online onto consoles as Stormfall is officially live Xbox and PlayStation players will now get to jump into this new piece of the continuous story in which you will be working with Janeway, Leeta, and Killy in the Mirror Universe searching out the Andorian[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
Gearbox Publishing has officially launched Neverwinter: Dragonslayer today for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles with tons of content If you wanted more dragons in your Dungeons & Dragons video game, this is it as you'll be getting all sorts of creatures from across the Forgotten Realms and more Along with all the new content, which[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios revealed the official release date for the new Dragonslayer content coming to Neverwinter The content was revealed during D&D Direct but they didn't expand too much on it at the time This is an entirely new module that will explore some really awesome aspects of D&D as you will become[...]
Star Trek Online: Stormfront Launched Free On PC Today
Gearbox Publishing has launched Star Trek Online: Stormfront for free onto the PC version today adding two new chapters to the story The stories continue with the mirror universe playing havoc on the prime timeline of events, as Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman) and her forces choose a dangerous plan to wake up an old adversary[...]
Relic Hunters Legend
Developer Rogue Snail announced this week that their game Relic Hunters Legends will be published by Gearbox Publishing The game has been in development literally for years without a sign of it being published anytime soon since the last time we talked about it in 2018 Now the game has a glimmer of hope as[...]