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Star Trek Online Releases Stormfall On Consoles With An Event
Gearbox Publishing has officially launched the latest expansion for Star Trek Online onto consoles as Stormfall is officially live Xbox and PlayStation players will now get to jump into this new piece of the continuous story in which you will be working with Janeway, Leeta, and Killy in the Mirror Universe searching out the Andorian[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
Gearbox Publishing has officially launched Neverwinter: Dragonslayer today for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles with tons of content If you wanted more dragons in your Dungeons & Dragons video game, this is it as you'll be getting all sorts of creatures from across the Forgotten Realms and more Along with all the new content, which[...]
Neverwinter Sets Release Date For Dragonslayer Content
Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios revealed the official release date for the new Dragonslayer content coming to Neverwinter The content was revealed during D&D Direct but they didn't expand too much on it at the time This is an entirely new module that will explore some really awesome aspects of D&D as you will become[...]
Star Trek Online: Stormfront Launched Free On PC Today
Gearbox Publishing has launched Star Trek Online: Stormfront for free onto the PC version today adding two new chapters to the story The stories continue with the mirror universe playing havoc on the prime timeline of events, as Captain Killy (Mary Wiseman) and her forces choose a dangerous plan to wake up an old adversary[...]
Relic Hunters Legend
Developer Rogue Snail announced this week that their game Relic Hunters Legends will be published by Gearbox Publishing The game has been in development literally for years without a sign of it being published anytime soon since the last time we talked about it in 2018 Now the game has a glimmer of hope as[...]
Gearbox Publishing Debuts Eyes In The Dark At PAX East 2022
Gearbox Publishing debuted a new game at PAX East 2022 with the long title Eyes In The Dark: The Curious Case of One Victoria Bloom Developed by Under The Stairs, this is a lovely animated game in which you play the titular character looking for her grandpa who is lost somewhere in the mansion In[...]
Hyper Light Breaker Will Be Coming Out In Spring 2023
Gearbox Publishing and Heart Machine revealed their latest game, Hyper Light Breaker, will be coming out sometime in Spring 2023 This is an awesome-looking game that will serve as a sequel to Hyper Light Drifter, as you'll be able to play alone or with friends in a quest to explore several neon-colored biomes Here you'll[...]
Godfall: Ultimate Edition Will Be Released In Early April
Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games revealed that Godfall: Ultimate Edition is coming to PC and Xbox next month Previously an exclusive for PS5 and the Epic Games Store, this version is set to be released on Steam, EGS, Xbox consoles, PS4, and PS5 on April 7th, 2022 This version includes the core Godfall experience, the Primal, Lightbringer,[...]
Godfall To Receive Major Content Update Next Month
Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games revealed new details today about Godfall's next major update that will be coming in April Being dubbed the Exalted Update, this will add ing a number of new key features and additions that will expand the game and give those who have done practically everything a new horizon to conquer[...]
Risk Of Rain 2: Survivors Of The Void Expansion Coming In 2022
Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing showed off more additions coming to Risk Of Rain 2: Survivors Of The Void when it releases next week This time around they've released a new video and information about a new mode coming to the game, as players will experience the brand-new survival mode called Simulacrum You can check[...]
Risk Of Rain 2: Survivors Of The Void Expansion Coming In 2022
Gearbox Publishing dropped some new details to the Risk Of Rain 2 DLC on the way called Survivors Of The Void, specifically on the Void Fiend The Void Fiend is a corrupt Commando that has the infection running through them, making them a threat on the battlefield, even though their health is in question as[...]
Risk Of Rain 2: Survivors Of The Void Expansion Coming In 2022
Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games revealed more details about the latest expansion for Risk Of Rain 2 as Survivors Of The Void drops on March 1st The biggest addition to this update is a brand new character by the name of Railgunner, who brings in a faster-paced tactical mindset that is going to be a[...]
Godfall: Challenger Edition To Release On Epic Games Store
Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games have set a release date for Godfall: Challenger Edition as it will be coming to the Epic Games Store The edition was already announced for the PS5, but now we have confirmation it will indeed drop for PC on the same day, December 7th You can snag it for $15,[...]
Tribes Of Midgard Season 2 Will Launch December 14th
Gearbox Publishing revealed that Tribes Of Midgard will be getting Season 2's content released on December 14th The content is set to drop into the standard edition for PC and PlayStation on the 14th, as well as on the Deluxe Edition, which will come with platform-exclusive armor, weapons, and pets when it's released the same[...]
Risk Of Rain 2: Survivors Of The Void Expansion Coming In 2022
Gearbox Publishing has revealed the next expansion for Risk Of Rain 2 as Survivors Of The Void is coming in Q1 2022 Hopoo Games has put together this new expansion with he goal of stretching out the gameplay with some new story elemtns and bigger challenges The fight is now in your hands as you[...]