Roots Of Tomorrow Comes To Mobile Devices On October 5th

Indie developer and publisher Gamabilis have revealed that Roots Of Tomorrow will be coming to iOS and Android devices on October 5th. The game has already been out on PC since May of this year, giving players a chance to experience this educational game about what farmers experience on a daily basis around the world. You will be tasked with trying to keep your farm afloat while meeting the demands of whoever is buying your crops. You can check out more about it below.

Roots Of Tomorrow Comes To Mobile Devices On October 5th
Credit: Gamabilis

Roots Of Tomorrow is a strategy and management turn-based game made to better understand agroecology (sustainable agriculture). Play as one of four characters and start your farming career in France! Your mission: to achieve the agroecological transition of your farm within 10 years! You can take many paths to reach this objective, all will depend on the choices YOU make. As the farm's head manager, you're in charge of affecting various tasks to your employees!

The game is set in France where the player can choose between four multi-crop-livestock farms. Each farm has its own landscape, climate, livestock (pigs, sheep, and cattle), and unique choices. The goal of the game is to achieve the agroecological transition of the farm within 10 years. To do so, the player will have to maximize and balance the farm's economic, environmental and social scores. Each score is made up of sub-scores. For instance, the environmental score will have a biodiversity subscore.

A variety of farming activities are available: buying and selling crops, plowing and harvesting, hiring employees, and investing in building upgrades and new machinery… Moreover, new and innovative sustainable farming practices (plant covers, direct seeding, precision fertilizing) can be unlocked during the game. All actions affect the farm's global scores. However, some actions may have a positive impact on one sub-score, but a negative one on another. Therefore, players will have to build a unique strategy by weighing the pros and cons of each action.

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