Rosario Dawson Talks About Dying Light 2 In Latest Video

The latest video from Techland to come out about Dying Light 2: Stay Human centers around a new interview with Rosario Dawson. Technically it's only half of the video as the first half of it talks to the Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektała, as he talks to one of the team members about the character that Dawson is playing in the game, Lawan. Essentially we find out this is one of the main characters in the game that might be amazing, might be a love interest, and maybe even a rival. Depending on the choices you make and how you play the game. We also learn more about the many similarities connecting her with Dawson and how she was able to make this role her own in the process. Dawson also talks more about her work on the game and her experiences taking on the role. You can check out the full video below.

Rosario Dawson Joins The Cast Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human
Credit: Techland
The fourth episode of Dying 2 Know introduced Lawan, a new major in-game character portrayed by Rosario Dawson, and viewers learned more about Lawan's role in the Dying Light 2 story, her relationship with Aiden, and her motives. Her strength and independence will have a significant impact on Aiden himself, as well as his decisions and the events taking place in The City. In this episode of Dying 2 Know More, Tymon Smektała opens up about the character's development and why Rosario Dawson was the perfect fit for this role. Dying 2 Know More will also showcase the parallels between Rosario Dawson and Lawan. For the first time, viewers will hear more about the emotions and traits Rosario was keen to convey to ensure that her character appeared multifaceted and credible in the game's dangerous, post-apocalyptic world. This part of the episode will all be presented by Rosario Dawson herself.

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