Dying Light 2

We Took A Guided Tour Of "Dying Light 2" During E3 2019

Techland Issues A Statement On Recent Dying Light 2 Issues

Techland has decided to address the issues brought up yesterday saying that Dying Light 2's development is currently a total mess. In case you're not caught up, yesterday we covered a report from a Polish website that talked with staffers and other sources saying that the game's development was basically in chaos. In response, the […]

Latest Report On Dying Light 2 Says The Game Is A Total Mess

If you've been looking forward to seeing Dying Light 2 be released, keep looking, as new reports suggest the game is in bad shape. The Polish website Polski Gamedev is reporting that it is basically chaos at Techland when it comes to the development of the game. As you may recall, Techland pushed the game […]

Techland Officially Delays "Dying Light 2" With No Release Window

Yet another title joins the pile of video games being pushed back as Techland revealed this morning they are delaying Dying Light 2. The game has been teased for over two years with a planned release for Spring 2020. But in all that time the company never officially put down a release date. Which got […]

"Dying Light" Is Getting a "Left 4 Dead 2" Crossover Event

"Dying Light" Is Getting a "Left 4 Dead 2" Crossover Event

While Techland is holding out their next game for the next generation of consoles, the original Dying Light is getting some crossover content. The devs will be adding Left 4 Dead 2 content into the game this weekend with a four-day crossover event. Thinks kicked off on Thursday evening with a bunch of free DLC. […]

We Took A Guided Tour Of "Dying Light 2" During E3 2019

"Dying Light 2" Will Hold A Gameplay Stream On August 26th

It looks like Techland and Square Enix are going to give everyone a better look at Dying Light 2 this Monday as they'll be holding a gameplay livestream. For the vast majority of people out there, this will be totally new footage shown to them for the first time. But for some of us, specifically, […]

"Dying Light 2" To Show Off New Gameplay Footage Before PAX West

Techland has announced this week that we're going to get a new look at gameplay from Dying Light 2 before PAX West 2019 happens this year. The last time we saw anything for the game was back at E3 2019 where they were doing private viewings of a gameplay demo. The key word there was […]