Rune II: Decapitation Edition Will Be Getting An Update

Studio 369 and Ragnarok Game, LLC revealed this week that Rune II: Decapitation Edition will be getting a new update featuring fresh content. In what's being called the Duplicity Update, the game will be getting a couple new PvP game modes called Last Viking Standing and Last Clan Standing, which will feature quick mini-battle royale sessions on two newly revised PVP maps – Redheim and Lost Thorstadt. You'll also be getting the new Goblin Mine dungeon and the ability to dual-wield weapons. The mode will also come with some holiday cheer as well, the bloody kind. The update will drop sometime this upcoming week. For now, please enjoy the hilarious description of the Decapitation Edition, which was released last month.

Rune II: Decapitation Edition
Credit: Ragnarok Game, LLC

Rune II: Decapitation Edition is THE viking adventure where friends travel around Midgard, destroying foes, crushing enemies, and dismembering the trickster-God Loki. RUNE II: Decapitation Edition is not made for everyone. Here's what you can expect from Rune II

  • BUY this game if you don't take yourself too seriously or like video games that are self aware.
  • BUY this game if you are looking for a fun game to play alone or with friends.
  • BUY this game if you enjoy mead and are looking for a fun drinking game.
  • BUY this game if you are into ARPGs focused on hacking, slashing, and slaughtering your enemies.
  • BUY this game if you like dismembering your foes and beating them with their own limbs.
  • BUY this game if you like passionate teams behind your games who update and improve the game based on community feedback often, set on creating the funnest game possible.
  • PASS if you want branching storylines that ultimately rarely matter.
  • PASS if you are expecting extravagant base building.
  • PASS if you want an exact replica of the first Rune game.
  • PASS if you want to spend hours in character upgrade menus.
  • PASS if you expect a hardcore survival title.
  • PASS if you are afraid of trees.

If your time with Rune II lasts longer than 4 hours, do not consult a doctor, just keep playing! Rune II is made with passion, aimed at providing a ridiculous fun experience. We encourage those interested in Rune II to join us on this journey. We are listening to your feedback and are excited to improve Rune II together.

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