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Rune II: Decapitation Edition
Studio 369 and Ragnarok Game, LLC revealed this week that Rune II: Decapitation Edition will be getting a new update featuring fresh content In what's being called the Duplicity Update, the game will be getting a couple new PvP game modes called Last Viking Standing and Last Clan Standing, which will feature quick mini-battle royale[...]
Rune II: Decapitated Edition Will Be Released In November
Ragnarok Game, LLC and Studio 369 revealed this week that Rune II: Decapitated Edition is on the way next month The game has been given a lot of care by the studios after the debacle that happened to it during launch Something that, as you can see in the description below, they like to remind[...]
Rune 2 Lazarus Update
Ragnarok Game, LLC has released the full details of what's been added into the latest Lazarus update for Rune II The devs released a full set of patch notes for the update, which covered a lot of general fixes, some of which we have highlighted below Some of the big additions to it are new[...]
Rune 2 Lazarus Update
Ragnarok has released a new update to Rune II this week as players can get a taste of the Lazarus Update right now Ever since the publisher took control over the game from Human Head Studios, they've been busting their tails trying to make sure the game lives up to the hype they originally intended[...]
Human Head Studios Announces Rune II Coming in Summer 2019
Rune II was a game that showed a lot of promise and then seemed to fizzle out as it came across the finish line Something the publisher is not happy with Human Head Studios were the developers who worked on the title But during 2019 the company changed names, saw former employees go to Bethesda[...]