SEGA Releases New Footage Of 'Sonic Forces' Tag Team Mode

Riding high off the success of Sonic Mania, SEGA is now setting their sights on the upcoming release of Sonic Forces. Part of that game's appeal is having to do with the new tag team mode that will be released, where you and a friend or a CPU will be able to tackle levels together and use different abilities to clear through the robots in your path.

SEGA Releases New Footage Of 'Sonic Forces' Tag Team Mode

Essentially, the leading character will get bonus moves depending on who they bring with them. The most common example as you will see below is if you put Sonic in the lead, the secondary character will be able to utilize their skills like Wispon's Cube Hammer. It adds a cool new dynamic that presents a lot of possible combinations between characters and how they'll be able to tackle situations. Enjoy the footage.

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