Shadow of War Gets a Demo on PC to Entice New Players

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has been just seen a new demo for PC which offers players of the title a decent portion upfront.

Shadow Of War

I remember liking Shadow of War a decent amount. The game wasn't quite as unique or special as its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor, but it expanded its Nemesis system quite a bit further and had some rip-roaring fun doing some utterly ridiculous things in J.R.R. Tolkien's universe. If you haven't played it, you should check it out. It really goes some places.

The game has just recently removed all micro-transactions from the game in a new update, making the game completely independent of extra purchases once you pick it up. If you are still hesitant at picking up the game though, you can now hop in and give it a try for nothing. Warner Bros. Interactive and Monolith have announced that Shadow of War now has a PC demo, and in it, you can play a decent portion of the game.

You'll get access to all of Nurn, which will let you see all of the quests and a fortress assault to really get a taste of the game. If you decide to pick up the title afterwards too, your progress will carry over. You can see the offer showcased in this new trailer too. Take a look:

The only downside is that the demo is 50 GB — but again, it's a decent chunk of game, and you won't have to download the entire game if you decide to drop some money on it. I really do think it is worth giving it a go. Like I said, while not as revolutionary as the first, there is certainly fun to be had in the world of Shadow of War, especially for free.

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