Someone Made Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair Into A CYOA Game

Once in a while, you see an older game get a remake online and it's awesome. Much like what's happened with Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair. At the time it was a weird little footnote in PC gaming when things were starting to get really interesting for CD-ROM titles. People were incorporating much more live-action content into games, even though a lot of the footage looks rough. Even cleaned up some of those games are an eyesore. So when this game came out back in 1996 from Knowledge Adventure and DreamWorks Interactive, it pretty much got panned as average with no thrills as you attempt to help Steven Spielberg put together a film with footage he's got featuring different takes. (Which should have been the tip-off for some that it would be bad, because why would the guy who made Jaws, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and Jurassic Park be asking you for help?) The game, however, is notable for starring Jennifer Aniston, Penn & Teller, and Quentin Tarantino as actors in the scenes that were filmed.

Can you save Quentin Tarantino from the electric chair? Do you even want to? Courtesy of DreamWorks Interactive.
Can you save Quentin Tarantino from the electric chair? Do you even want to? Courtesy of DreamWorks Interactive.

Now you have the chance to play the game in a very different way. Someone uploaded all of the scenes from the game onto Molleindustria, turned it into a Choose Your Own Adventure title, and called it Steven Spielberg's Director's Choices. The game will allow you to pick which version of the scene you see at different times, which will affect how you end up watching the movie and what the eventual outcome will be. You can make the prisoner agitated or funny, you can make the magicians creepy or professional, you can be patient or you can risk it all. Everything is up to you. Or at least it will be for a short time, as we're sure someone will charge in with a copyright claim. So play it now before it ends up vanishing into a box in a warehouse never to be spoken of again. Much like the original Steven Spielberg's Director's Chair.

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