SpellPunk VR Now Available On Steam & Viveport

Incineration Productions have released their multiplayer spellcasting battle arena game SpellPunk VR on Steam and Viveport. We wrote up the game earlier this month as being a pretty cool VR title where you get to go in and wave your hand around to cast spells that both do damage and protect you. It's a pretty chaotic battle game that will give you a bit of a workout, depending on the kind of spells you decide to use and how you make your way around the battlefield. You can read more about the game below along with a quote from the company about the release. Keep in mind the game is in Early Access, so there may be some issues here and there that will eventually get tweaked or fixed.

Do battle as virtual wizards in Spellpunk VR, courtesy of Incineration Productions.
Do battle as virtual wizards in Spellpunk VR, courtesy of Incineration Productions.

Get ready to flex some punk prestidigitation and cast some devastating divinations as you become (and face off against) mighty magicians in a stunningly surreal world with a vibrant comic book aesthetic and sick musical tracks. In SpellPunk VR, you embody a full-body avatar who must duel in fast-paced mana-manipulating multiplayer battles. SpellPunk VR puts extraordinary powers at your fingertips, allowing you to cast some wild wizardry against offline or online foes by drawing magical symbols that unleash terrorizing magical attacks. There's no spellbook or menus here, champ. You'll have to correctly draw your various spells in the air with your hands while facing opponents in the three leveled game modes.

"We're thrilled to invite players across the world to unleash the power of SpellPunk VR," said Incineration Productions CEO, Gergana Gruncharova. "Throughout Early Access, players can expect to see some exciting enhancements to our already almost fully formed game, including bigger battles and even more exciting environments. Today's initial launch is just the beginning!"

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