Starstruck: Hands Of Time Is Coming To PC & PlayStation In 2021

During Tokyo Game Show 2020, developer Createdelic revealed their next game Starstruck: Hands Of Time is on the way for 2021. This game looks so weird it has got us excited as there really isn't a genre to define it. It feels like equal parts sandbox, platformer, and rhythmic puzzler meshed with other elements that, to be honest, don't make a lot of sense to us at the moment. The game is set to be released sometime in 2021 for PC and PS4 (possibly the PS5 as well). You can read more about it below and check out the trailer for it as we wait to learn more about how the game's mechanics will run.

Starstruck: Hands Of Time is coming to PC and PlayStation, courtesy of Createdelic.
Starstruck: Hands Of Time is coming to PC and PlayStation, courtesy of Createdelic.
As the future hangs in the balance, two youngsters unknowingly stand at a crossroads. Edwin, starry-eyed and bright, carries his acoustic guitar everywhere and longs for the cheers and applause his friend Dawn receives from her own concerts. For Dawn, the crowds mean nothing next to what her electric guitar offers: an escape from her overbearing mother and the weight of expectation. Little do they know, a mysterious force called "The Mold" is about to manifest and corrupt life as they know it. And it's up a moon colonist from the year 30XX, when all of planet Earth is consumed by The Mold, to help them stop it. As the moon colonist, reach down into Edwin and Dawn's charming world—literally!—with your giant, disembodied, time-traveling hand. Alter the course of history by opening new pathways for the teens and leaving your destructive mark on their charming small town. Smash obstacles, solve puzzles, and romp through a diorama styled world, guiding the two toward a new destiny: saving the world!
"No matter who you are or how you like to play, everyone should be able to experience the magic of music," said Max Ponoroff, founder of Createdelic. "Starstruck: Hands of Time may be about two kids, a time-traveling hand, and a chatty ship computer, but more importantly, players can explore at their own pace, self-express with improv sections throughout the game, and make music by their own rules, breaking the mold.

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