Startup Company Console Edition To Launch In Late January

2AwesomeStudio, along with developer Hovgaard Games, will be launching Startup Company Console Edition in late January. As you might expect, this is everything you have come to know and love about one of the worst professions on the planet, as you will attempt to get your ill-advised idea off the ground in an office space where you put in an arcade machine because you're the cool boss. The game will have some minor changes and improvements, but will pretty much be the version that PC players have had since 2020. You can get the game on January 26th for all three major consoles.

Promo art for Startup Company Console Edition, courtesy of 2AwesomeStudio.
Promo art for Startup Company Console Edition, courtesy of 2AwesomeStudio.

"Future entrepreneurs can bring their dreams to fruition as the founder of a website in their chosen area of expertise. Choose the path of a social media maven, a competitive new streaming service, or even a steamy dating app for singles. Build and operate a tech-savvy gaming platform, a chic shopping site, or an engaging video-sharing service. Professional life begins anew as players breathe life into their fun ideas through intelligent office management."

"Go headhunting for the best candidates and employ them in various expansive roles. Find Designers to create website blueprints, graphics, UI assets, and anything the company needs to impress its visitors. Hire Researchers to unlock new features and employ Developers to program the backend, network, database, and keep the quality of the company's output at a maximum. Train new hires to improve their skills and reward them with salary increases to keep employee turnover low. Upgrade the company website with newly researched features to increase customer satisfaction. Utilize email blasts, TV commercials, podcasts, banner ads, and more to highlight the unbeatable services available and gather enough users to become the number-one site in its category. Design and renovate the office as the company grows to keep everything looking fresh and employees happy!"

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