Super Nintendo World Will Open In Japan On February 4th, 2021

This evening, or should we say this morning in Osaka, Universal Studios Japan confirmed that Super Nintendo World will open in February. The park clued in local media who spread the word throughout the day, as it essentially got dropped on the rest of the world in the middle of the night. After having to put a hold on opening due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which also canceled the 2020 Olympics for which the park was gearing up to be opened for, they've finally set a date for the public to come and see what they've created on February 4th, 2021. After checking out the photos and the teaser video for what's been created, they have got something special and amazing coming in just a few months.

A look at the actual Super Nintendo World, courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.
A look at the actual Super Nintendo World, courtesy of Universal Studios Japan.

Right now the park looks primarily Super Mario Bros. themed, as pretty much everything in sight has something to do with the franchise. The main attraction being shown off is a Mario Kart ride that uses AR technology and projection mapping that will throw you into the middle of a race. The outside has trophies and knick-nacks from previous versions of the game as this seems to be designed off the current incarnation of the series. There also appears to be a Yoshi's Adventure ride where you follow Captain Toad on a quest for treasure. As well as power bands that allow you to roam the park hitting "?" Blocks while using a mobile app, which includes a key challenge involving Bowser Jr.

Everything about this makes Super Nintendo World seem really awesome, but it didn't show off any other rides or attractions. Nor did they give any indication of expansions or uses of other Nintendo properties like Metroid or Legend Of Zelda. No word about COVID-19 precautions as we're sure the pandemic isn't going away in three months. And, most importantly, they left out how much it's going to cost for everyone at every age group to get in. So there's still a lot left to be discovered about the park, even though it looks amazing and we still want to be there now.

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