Tera Receives Largest Content Update For 2021 Today

Gameforge has released a brand new patch into Tera today, as this will be the biggest content update for the game for the entire year. Build 108, as they're calling it, will be adding in a brand new dungeon full of dangers and treasures, along with a ton of new content that will freshen up the fantasy MMORPG. We have a rundown of the changes added to the game, as well as a trailer for you to enjoy!

Build 108 comes with some powerful upgrades and additions for Tera, courtesy of Gameforge.
Build 108 comes with some powerful upgrades and additions for Tera, courtesy of Gameforge.
  • New Dungeon: The Fusion Laboratory: The Fusion Laboratory will be available as a new five-player instance in normal and difficult modes for players level 70 and above. Players can access the Fusion Laboratory in the basement of the Berak Fortress in Exodor to face Rogash, an enemy player first encountered in the Exodor storyline. Mighty warriors brave enough to battle through the new dungeon will receive rewards, including items from the new equipment line.
  • New Equipment: Players can obtain the new equipment via loot in various dungeons. Each piece is available in three different rarity levels, blue, gold, and purple. The higher the difficulty, the better the chances of getting rare loot!
  • Dungeon Changes: The number of possible instances has been adjusted. Although many challenges close their gates, old, familiar acquaintances, like the Abscess and Velik's Hold, make a grand return.
  • Kaia's Soul Rewards: Players with enchanted Kaia's Soul gear will be sent rewards upon the release of patch 108. These rewards apply separately per character and will vary depending on their current enchantment level. Players could receive rewards ranging from enchantment gold, Blessings of the Goddess, and shiny titles.
  • More Content: Patch 108 will see several quality-of-life improvements as well! Campfires make a glorious return, introducing a new customized function, while the patch also introduces a system for transferring different equipment values. And finally, the LFG group search will no longer be limited to the player's current server.

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