"TERA" Receives A New Update Along The Celestial Experience Event

En Masse Entertainment just threw in a brand new update to TERA that not only adjusts a bunch of stuff but brought in a brand new event The Celestial Experience event will give you the chance to acquire either a Fiery Celestial Dragon or a Jade Celestial Dragon Not to mention chances to level up[...]

Tera's Skywatch: Call to Arms Update Adds Treasure Hunts Next Month

Tera's Skywatch: Call to Arms Update Adds New Class, Treasure Hunts

En Masse Entertainment has revealed the first details on the upcoming Skywatch: Call to Arms update for Tera on PC The update will bring a new race/class combination, a four-week levelling event, a new treasure map system, Gossamer Vault (Hard) adjustments, and the annual summer festivities.The new race/class combination is the popori brawler[...]

TERA has Dropped Some New Twitch Prime Loot

Tera Online has Dropped Some New Twitch Prime Loot

En Masse Entertainment has dropped a new set of Twitch Prime loot for Tera Online players on PC and consoles This is the third Twitch Prime pack in a four-month long promotion and it's just dropped for players today This loot box will be available for pickup from May 24th through June 25th and comes[...]

Skywatch: Companions is Now Live in TERA PC

Skywatch: Companions is Now Live in TERA PC

En Masse Entertainment has released the Skywatch: Companions update for TERA on PC as part of the massive 7th Anniversary celebration for the flagship MMO The celebration will include a month of in-game events, exclusive rewards, and the Skywatch: Companions update which adds a new companion system and a challenging new dungeon for PC players to challenge themselves[...]

TERA Reloaded has Launched on Xbox One and PS4

Tera: Reloaded has Launched on Xbox One and PS4

En Masse Entertainment is proud to launch the biggest update ever for Tera on XBox One and PS4, called Reloaded.  Tera players on both XBox One and PlayStation 4 can log in today and get started with the brand new Elin Gunner class, new content, a new enchanting system, and even some Twitch Prime gifts[...]

Tera and PUBG Will Start a Collaboration Event on March 5th

This morning, En Masse Entertainment announced that Tera and PUBG will begin a collaboration event on March 5th with both appearing in each other's games Essentially most everything you'll see is cosmetic, but you'll be getting a taste of Tera-themed drops and jeeps as well as some skins in PUBG, while Tera will be seeing PUBG-themed[...]

TERA is Going Retro with the TERA Classic Servers

If you want to experience the original TERA all over again, now you can The new Classic Server brings the original game code back, so you can go back and re-experience the game in its base form And everything you earn on the Classic Server will return with you to the regular servers after the classic[...]

Tera's PC 'Shore Hold' Update Adds New Gear and PvP Maps

En Masse Entertainment launched the "Shore Hold" update for the PC version of Tera today "Shore Hold" is the first content update for 2019 in the PC version of the action combat MMO.The update brings a new 7 v 7 PvP battleground called Shore Hold, which features shorter ressurection times, buff-generating mana stones, and a few[...]

The Valkyrie Class Comes to Tera on PS4 and Xbox One

[caption id="attachment_968582" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// En Masse Entertainment[/caption]En Masse Entertainment has released a new update for Tera on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in order to bring the fast and furious Valkyrie class into the game As you could guess from the name, Valkyrie is a hard-hitting, fast-moving, big damage heroine that stands at the front[...]

World of Warcraft

Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best MMO

Which isn't to say that other MMO games aren't worth the recognition, but when we thought of the best MMOs of 2018, we came up with a list of the most popular MMORPGs, and one space simulator.The nominees are:World of Warcraft The Elder Scrolls Online Black Desert Online TERA EVE Online Final Fantasy XIVAnd[...]

The BAF Masters Update and Wintera Event are Headed to Tera PC

[caption id="attachment_953952" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// En Masse Entertainment[/caption]En Masse Entertainment announced the final content update for the PC version of action combat MMORPG Tera, which is all about fishing The BAF Masters update introduces fishing to the game for the first time As you might have guessed, the BAF stands for Big-Ass-Fish, since that's how Tera does[...]

Velik's Sanctuary is Coming to Tera Online on PS4 and Xbox One

En Masse Entertainment released a new dungeon for max level players in Tera Online on PS4 and Xbox One, so console players have a new challenge to take on While Velik's Sanctuary has existed on the PC version of Tera for a while, En Masse still partnered with MMOBomb to highlight the dungeon and its secrets so console[...]

TERA Announces Their Own Halloween Event for 2018

Looks like everyone is announcing a Halloween event this year, and the latest to send some info out has been En Masse Entertainment about TERA The company didn't really give out many details about the event beyond the idea that there will be some stuff to do and special costume packs every week to snag[...]

En Masse Entertainment Details the Tera PC Server Merge

Now that the console servers for Tera have been merged, En Masse Entertainment is going to be merging several of the North American PC servers as well The Great Server Merge will happen on Tuesday, September 18th, 2018 only for NA servers The merge is intended to unify the PC community to three servers in order[...]

TERA beach

TERA's Summer Festival Event Officially Kicks Off Next Week

En Masse Entertainment has announced the official plans for their upcoming Summer Festival event in TERA, which will kick off on July 17th The event will run all the way to August 7th, giving you plenty of time to jump into the fun and snag all the rewards you can and get some random enjoyment[...]

Tera Hits 2 Million Player Milestone on Console

Free-to-play action MMORPG Tera has been out on consoles for almost two months now, but it's already hit two million registered console players since then To celebrate the milestone, developer En Masse Entertainment has announced that PlayStation Plus members will receive a unique PS Plus Pack through an exclusive milestone promotion that will run from today, May[...]

Corsair's Stronghold adds Airships and Tanks to Tera Console Edition

En Masse Entertainment is hoping you’re ready for some pirate action as Corsairs’ Stronghold, a new PvP Battleground for Level 65 players, arrives today for Tera players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One In Corsairs’ Stronghold, two teams of 20 players will alternate between attacking and defending the stronghold As the attacking team, utilize airships, tanks,[...]

Tera Ruinous Manor

TERA Releases the Ruinous Manor Update on Xbox One and PS4

En Masse Entertainment has released the first update for TERA on PS4 and Xbox One The Ruinous Manor update brings Tera vets a new max level dungeon, rare item sets, unique magic imbuing dyads, and high-level crafting materials So if you've hit level cap and end-game on the console version of the MMO already, have no fear --[...]

Tera Console

Tera is Still Fun to Play on Console, but Really Shows its Age

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole Studios's Tera has been available on PC since 2011, but only came to consoles today Because this is a port, the focus of this review is mostly going to be on how the game holds up against more modern console MMOs, because that's what we're really asking ourselves We already know[...]

Tera Console

Watch Tera Console's Combo-Spamming Action-Packed Launch Trailer

En Masse Entertainment has brought their action combat MMORPG Tera to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 The game is available for free on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, with some loot box microtransactions and a premium access service.“Coming off a highly successful head start, Tera is ready for the masses to dive in and experience[...]