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Swords Of Legends Online Receives First Milestone Update
Gameforge announced today that they have released the 1.1 Update for Swords Of Legends Online, its first major milestone update This update brings about The Forbidden Court, which adds a new storyline to everything along with new PvP modes and two new raids, basically giving the game a content boost while also creating new modes[...]
Swords Of Legends Online
Gameforge has launched a new update into Swords Of Legends Online as players are getting their own version of a Halloween event You had to know this was coming because pretty much everyone and their mother are launching special Halloween events in their games Not that we won't welcome it, but we're shocked it didn't[...]
AION Receives Massive Update For 12th Anniversary
Gameforge has released the highly anticipated 8.0 update, which has extended the current level cap to 85 while also introducing a ton of new content We're talking new features, items, enemies, areas, adventures, challenges, and more, all at your disposal to take on We have a rundown of everything that's been added to the game[...]
Swords Of Legends Online Is About To Launch The Moon Festival
Gameforge revealed this week that they will be launching a new event into Swords Of Legends Online as players are getting the Moon Festival The event will kick off on September 16th and will give players a chance to snag new avatars, emojis for chat, and a new photo filter for snapshots We got more[...]
Tera Receives Largest Content Update For 2021 Today
Gameforge has released a brand new patch into Tera today, as this will be the biggest content update for the game for the entire year Build 108, as they're calling it, will be adding in a brand new dungeon full of dangers and treasures, along with a ton of new content that will freshen up[...]
Swords Of Legends Online Announces Summer Raid & First Event
Gameforge dropped a new slew of bosses into Swords Of Legends Online today while also revealing more about their summer plans We have a rundown of all the new boss raids they added to the game below for you to read about What's more, they have a new summer event running tuntil September 2nd where[...]
Swords Of Legends Online Has Been Given A Release Date
This past week, Gameforge finally gave a proper release date to Swords Of Legends Online, as we're getting it sooner than we thought The MMORPG developed by Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon will be launching on July 9th for PC, as you will play as one of six classes and embark on incredible quests set within[...]
Gameforge Will Bring Swords Of Legends Online To The West
Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon revealed the latest bit of content that you can play in Swords Of Legends Online There is a part of the game that will let you create your dream home within the kingdom, giving you the ability to create a place for you with the decor you choose[...]
Gameforge Will Bring Swords Of Legends Online To The West
Gameforge released a brand new trailer today for Swords Of Legends Online as players now have a cinematic view of the game This trailer is straight-up giving you a very beautiful look at the game and the stunning visuals you will be playing in when the game eventually is released down the road You can[...]
Gameforge Will Bring Swords Of Legends Online To The West
Gameforge revealed this week that they will be bringing Swords Of Legends Online over to gamers in the west The company has partnered with developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon to bring the MMORPG over to Europe, Latin America, and North America for the first time, connecting players across the globe for this amazing title The[...]
Giveaway: Experience Metin2's Latest Expansion With A Free Game Code
Gameforge has released a new content update this week for Metin2: Curse Of The Serpent Queen and we have a chance for you to get in on it Along with the info below and the latest trailer telling you about the new content, the company has given us a set of codes you can you[...]
Gameforge Releases A New Content Update For TERA
Gameforge has a brand new update out now for TERA to kick off the new year, as they set up the game for more content down the road The devs have released what they're calling Build 102 into the game, and it will be the first of what will now be monthly updates for the[...]
Gameforge Takes Over Publishing Rights To TERA In The Americas
This morning, Gameforge revealed that they have officially taken over the publishing rights to TERA in North and South America Up until now, En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole have managed the majority of the work in the western region for the game However, starting this November, Gameforge will launch local servers to take over the[...]
Giveaway: Experience Metin2's Latest Expansion With A Free Game Code
Gameforge has launched the latest Metin2 expansion this week as players can now get in on Conquerors Of Yohara The brand new expansion will throw players deep into new zones to explore with a ton of ferocious bosses and new high-level dungeons You'll be introduced to a new innovative Champion system where players who have[...]
Giveaway: Experience Metin2's Latest Expansion With A Free Game Code
Would you like to try the new Conquerors of Yohara expansion Coming to Metin2? Gameforge has given us a bunch of codes to do so The company has released a bunch of new content into the game and they've given us a chance to let you experience it At the bottom, we have 20 codes[...]