The Crackpet Show Will Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Vixa Games revealed this week that they will be bringing The Crackpet Show over to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. The company revealed the game last month and originally announced it for Steam. But so far they have yet to put an official release date on it beyond the idea we'll see it 2021. The game plays out like a weird game show in which these characters are here to shoot down weird enemies in a chance to gain fame and notoriety for being the best of the group. It looks fun, but we won't know how it plays for a while. Until then, enjoy the trailer.

Have fun dueling each other with these "cute" animals. Courtesy of Vixa Games.
Have fun dueling each other with these "cute" animals. Courtesy of Vixa Games.

The Crackpet Show is a high-powered hybrid of the bullet-hell shooter and vehicular mayhem with easy-to-understand controls and fluid, physics-driven competition. In the game, players take on the role of cartoon animal gladiators performing in a savage tournament. This post-apocalyptic TV show is extremely popular and is transmitted all around what is left of the world as we know it. Every participant is treated as a hero just for their very presence in the show. Champions fight for life with creatures mutated so heavily that they disgust even the beasts themselves, that's why they're only used to fighting in the pit with the gladiators. This is not all you can fear. Most places you'll encounter are covered with deadly traps! Your and your friends' goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible, closing all that mayhem by conquering bosses. However, this task is almost unachievable for an ordinary rookie, so the competitors have to approach the challenge more than once, developing their skills and equipment in the meantime. So gear up, invite your friends, and get involved in the most creepy, post-apocalyptic, rogue-like bloodbath!

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