The Next Batman Game Confirms Court Of Owls Storyline

WB Games Montreal dropped a small teaser today for their upcoming Batman game, as it looks like we're meeting the Court Of Owls. The studio posted this message to their Twitter, along with a link to a website called, leading people to a message that eventually says "We Have Been Expecting You" with tomorrow's date of August 18th. Plus, the images on social media, which you can see here, eventually flash a brief image in gray that looks like a modified version of the Court Of Owls symbol. For most fans, it probably doesn't seem that obvious since the imagery and the way they're going about it isn't too overt. But for the hardcore fans who are in the know, this probably looks like they couldn't have made their intentions more clear than if they just posted the words Court Of Owls across the website.

We have been expecting you, courtesy of WB Games Montreal.
We have been expecting you, courtesy of WB Games Montreal.

Originally introduced during The New 52 storylines, the Court Of Owls has become one of the more interesting Batman-centric storylines to come to the series over the past decade. It revolves around the idea that the Court has secretly been controlling Gotham for years and helping sway the way the city runs in many aspects that have never really involved Batman or any of his rogue's gallery. Operating in the shadows while remaining ever-vigilant. Whatever they end up doing, it will bring a little something new that other Batman games haven't really had as you'll need to contend with a unified force that appears to be everywhere. We're guessing tomorrow we're just going to see some imagery as we have to wait for the weekend to get anything substantial. Much like how the Suicide Squad game released just an image and gave us nothing in regards to what it will be.

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