Rocksteady Studios Reveals Artwork For Suicide Squad Game

Rocksteady Studios finally revealed the project they'd been working on for the past few years as we're getting as Suicide Squad game. After having already been leaked to the public back in June, along with what felt like years of rumor about it to begin with, the company finally confirmed this morning that the game is on the way. And they did it with one of the best pieces of artwork they could have chosen to get gamers interested, while simultaneously exciting and pissing off the DC fanboys. The artwork below appeared in a tweet this morning, showing off their universe's version of Superman with his back turned, and the words "Suicide Squad" in a clever little crosshair logo on the back of his head. Which, incidentally, kudos to the studio for thinking that one up, as its a far better logo than we've seen on many of the comic's covers over the years.

Looks like the squad has their target set "super" high, courtesy of Rocksteady Studios.
Looks like the squad has their target set "super" high, courtesy of Rocksteady Studios.

The artwork came with a small message pointing people to the upcoming DC FanDome event taking place on August 22nd, where we'll probably get an official trailer for the game to tease us about the release date. Right now, there's no real confirmation where they are in development, just rumor and speculation. So it could be anywhere from holiday 2020 to sometime next year. The game is also being revealed in the middle of AT&T truing to sell of their parent company, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, so depending on how things go, the game could be owned by someone else entirely by the time it comes out. It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks as we make our way to August 22nd to find out more about the game. But at least it won't be boring.

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