The Next PlayStation Will Reportedly Focus More On Mainstream Titles

Some interesting news from Sony if it happens to be correct which may be bad for indie developers when it comes to the next PlayStation's future library. A new report in the Wall Street Journal says that sony is aiming more for hardcore gamers with their next incarnation of the console, whatever it may be called, and are focusing more on AAA titles. Apparently, there are already several deals in the works with major development and production studios to have several top-tier games headed to the console, but in contrast, there are zero reports of Sony making any kind of deals with smaller brands or indie developers, much like Microsoft and Nintendo have been doing. That doesn't mean indie titles will be non-existent on the console, it just means Sony as a company probably won't be featuring them as much.

The Next PlayStation Will Reportedly Focus More On Mainstream Titles

If the reports are true, that sounds more like a bad move on Sony's part in the long run. While focusing on hardcore gamers for the next PlayStation may mean that you are putting emphasis on a dedicated audience who buy almost everything new, moves like this tend to alienate casual gamers or those seeking only indie titles. A move that Microsoft learned years ago on the Xbox 360 when they did nearly the exact same thing for a period of time, leading many indie companies to go work more closely with Sony on the PS3. We'll see if the strategy holds true whenever we learn what Sony has in store for their next console, but from a gamer perspective, limiting your focus to a specific audience rarely grows your brand.

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