The Unoffical "Twin Peaks" Video Game is Available in English Now

Back in 1998, Twin Peaks fans at Human Entertainment created a video game heavily inspired by David Lynch's groundbreaking TV series. That game, called Mizzurna Falls, takes more cues from Lynch than any other Twin Peaks-inspired game, including Alan WakeDeadly Premonition, or Silent Hill.

However, the game has always been inaccessible to most Western Peaks fans because it was only ever released on the PlayStation in Japan. The game never saw a Western release or English localization. Until now.

According to Vice:

On Tuesday, a mostly fully localized version of Mizzurna Falls was finally released. What that means is that English-speakers can finally play Mizzurna Falls.

Mizzurna Falls tells the story of Matthew, a kid in a small town who's trying to solve the disappearance of classmate Emma Lowland. Matthew explores the open world of Mizzurna Falls, talking to people, investigating, and fighting against a clock that counts down from seven days. Once the time's up, the game is over.

The Unoffical
Credit// Human Entertainment

The game was translated by a freelance translator going by the pseudonym "ResidentEvie" who stumbled across the Japanese game back in 2015. Evie's translation work was chronicled on her Tumblr account, which caught the attention of indie game developer and PlayStation game hacker "Gemini":

Gemini took Evie's translations and began to hack them into Mizzurna Falls. Gemini didn't finish the job, but he did release his source code and files.

"Starplayer," another fan, picked up the source code from Gemini's GitHub repository and converted it into a patch for the existing Mizzurna Falls ROM . "It was a bit of a mess, with some missing dependencies and non working methods and no comments, but I managed to make it work, while avoiding a mental breakdown by an inch," starplayer said in a FAQ about the project.

Fans who want to check out the Twin Peaks inspired Mizzurna Falls can do so here. However, it is a hacked PlayStation game. So the game may not live long, depending on copyright laws.

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