Tomb Raider Devs Create Lara Croft Gear For Animal Crossing

If you wonder what some of the developers at other studios are doing their spare time, they too are playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It only makes sense as gamers play games, especially those who make them. So after you've spent a day trying to develop a game at home during self-quarantine, you need to unwind a little with something that isn't a project you worked on. We've seen little bits of content here and there from people who work at other studios showing off their island and the creations they've made, but this is a new one that has impressed us greatly. If you didn't already know, you can make your own clothing designs to wear in the game which are essentially pixel art pasted onto your character. It appears someone from the Crystal Dynamics team got bored one day and decided to do a little costume design work.

Now you can really go looking for fossils, artwork, and treasure as Lara Croft.
Now you can really go looking for fossils, artwork, and treasure as Lara Croft.

The game's official Twitter account showed off this wonderful design as you can now dress yourself up as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. The team wrote about the entire thing on the game's Tumblr page, talking about how members of the community had been making costumes like this already in the game. So they decided to take the time and make official costumes for you to download. Aside from the standard Lara Cros explorer's look, there are designs for the 2013 costume and Angel of Darkness (which is Lara in her black camo gear). All of the designs are on their Tumblr where you can get the creator codes to put into one of the shops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We'll see if the devs decide to make more costumes from some of their other games to put in here, as we know Marvel's Avengers is on the way, and it would be cool to have official costumes for some of the heroes made by the team.

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