"Train Station Renovation" Is Coming To Steam Early Access

For those of you looking for an interesting decorating simulator game, Live Motion Games has one on the way to Steam called Train Station Renovation. This game basically puts you in the spot of a small construction company tasked with bringing old train stations back to life. Fixing up everything from the station and platform, to the rails and tracks, to the train cars themselves. All with new parts, paint jobs, and replacement material. Here's a little more info about it from the devs.

Train Station Renovation Art
Credit: Live Motion Games

The game offers 10 maps, on which you will be carrying out your work: starting from small, countryside stations and ending with huge city terminals. Every map will offer new solutions, which will give you valuable experience and which you will be able to use at other stages of the game. Additionally, you will have the possibility to develop your in-game mechanics upgrade by unlocking perks such as: advanced restoration techniques, additional tools or new skills. Train Station Renovation is a sandbox game, which does not limit the player and does not impose a particular order of actions. It is all up to the player what the stations will look like after the improvements.

The game will be headed to Steam's Early Access sometime in mid-April, which will start with a demo called Train Station Renovation: First Job. It will feature the basic mechanics of the game and your first job of renovating a chosen railway station. After that, the full version of the Early Access game will be released on April 30th, 2020. No word yet as to when the company plans to have a full release of it. But we imagine it being an indie title, we should see the full game sometime by year's end. For now, enjoy both of the trailers below.

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