Ubisoft Explains Reverse Friendly Fire Updates in Rainbow Six Siege

This week, Ubisoft unleashed a new mechanic Rainbow Six Siege the game to prevent toxicity with Reverse Friendly Fire. A number of people have noticed some new markers in the game as a red triangle has started appearing next to their names in the middle of a fight. Essentially, these markers give players an opportunity to report that the player either accidentally hit them or caused damage in a match, forgiving them and allowing them to continue without issue, or reporting it as a targeted attack on a teammate, at which point the RFF kicks in. The RFF will then put that player in a position to take any damage they cause from friendly fire. So far, the reports from players have been positive online, but time will tell if this cuts down on toxic behavior or stops team killing from happening in games.


When a player abuses the friendly fire mechanic to grief their teammates, this system is activated. We believe that this first version will be a positive step forward in our fight against team killing while maintaining the same intensity and high stakes gameplay that is core to the Rainbow Six Siege experience.

The Y4S1 release of RFF is not our final version of the system. Future iterations and improvements will continue based off data and player feedback.

Community feedback so far has been invaluable and allowed us to make early iterations to the system. For example, RFF can now activate based on total friendly damage. In these cases, there is no validation screen for the offending player's teammates. We are also striving to make it clearer how operators and gadgets will react to this system. We have consolidated some guidelines below for your reference.

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