Ubisoft Launches The Last "For Honor" Event Of Season Four

Ubisoft has finally added the last event of Season Four in For Honor, as players will now tackle the challenges within Zhanhu's Gambit. This brings about what is essentially the final chapter to the Year Of Reckoning. You will delve into the journey of Sun Da, filling out his role in the conflict between the Wu Lin and the Blackstone Legion. This last event includes a limited-time game mode, several customization items, and rewards themed around the event. Which includes orders, arcade quest, outfits, weapons, effects, emotes and ornaments. You can read more about the mode below as this last event will be in For Honor until January 2nd.

Ubisoft Launches The Last "For Honor" Event Of Season Four
Credit: Ubisoft

The new limited-time game mode introduced during the event, Emperor's Escape, will let players re-live the escape of the Wu Lin Emperor from the Blackstone Legion in the aftermath of their conflict at Qiang Pass. In this four-player PvE mode, players will have to escort the Emperor and protect him against hordes of enemies to secure his escape. To do so, players will need to capture zones in order to move across the map. Every time a zone is captured, the Emperor progresses to that zone, and a new one is unlocked for capture. As they progress through the zones, players will come across increasingly strong assailants, including "cursed" enemies with special modifiers. Teamwork and skill will be key to keep the Emperor alive until players can eventually reach and defeat the Blackstone commander.

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