Ubisoft Lays Down The Latest Patch Update For 'Assassins Creed: Origins'

Yesterday, Ubisoft threw down a complete update for Assassins Creed: Origins' new features on the Xbox One X. It's a pretty extensive list, which you can check out here, but we've got a snippet from the most important stuff for you below, which covers the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, but you'll need to read more as to what they have in store for the new console in their site.

Patch Highlight

New Photomode features:

  • Implemented camera roll
  • Implemented multiple effect types in Photo Mode including: depth of field, exposure, vignette, temperature, tint, saturation, and noise


  • Improved stability and performance
  • Improved some visuals and looting issues on incapacitated or dead NPCs
  • Fixed multiple loading issues when getting back to playable character after using Senu
  • [PC] Fixed various issues in VRAM Meter
  • [PC] Fixed various issues in multi-monitor mode

Graphics & Audio

  • [Xbox One S][Xbox One X][PS4/PS4 Pro] Added HDR TV support
  • [Xbox One X] Added 4K support on Xbox One X
  • [Xbox One] Added Dolby Atmos support
  • Added audio feedback on conflict warning
  • Added audio feedback when sheathing and unsheathing weapons with Aya
  • Added splashing sound when falling in water while mounted
  • Integrated Japanese voice overs in Military points of interest in certain languages
  • Fixed issue were dialogue lines could play twice
  • [PC] Fixed geometric explosions and artifacts after applying options without restart of the game


  • Improved some textures stretches and flickers

  • Improved world visual when riding horse at high speed

  • Improved multiple spawning positions for NPCs and animals

  • Improved level of details in different locations

  • Fixed multiple lighting issues

  • Fixed some floating objects

  • Fixed water visual close to ships at night

  • Fixed looting issue on a chest inside Cyrene Barracks

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