Ubisoft+ Rumored To Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

The latest rumor to have some legs this week is that Ubisoft+ may be making its way over to Xbox Game Pass. The rumor comes from the independent Xbox news website Xbox Worlds, which posted a Top 10 list for the end of the year about what the biggest rumors for 2021 about the company currently are. On that list are a lot of things that literally could be hit-or-miss, it all depends on whether or not a couple of things happen before they become true or fade into obscurity. But the item on the list that everyone is talking about on social media right now is #5, which suggests UPlay will be coming to Xbox Game Plass. Since UPlay has been transformed and rebranded into Ubisoft+, that's where the rumor now has its focus.

It's almost as if you could play Ubisoft titles on an Xbox game console. Courtesy of Ubisoft.
It's almost as if you could play Ubisoft titles on an Xbox game console. Courtesy of Ubisoft.

Now as much as we would like to sit here and speculate as to what that could mean for both Ubisoft and Xbox in general… we're not going to. The reality of the situation is that the website has absolutely zero information about anything on its list to lend any credibility to anything. In fact, I'll be perfectly honest with you, the only reason I'm writing about this in the first place is because social media won't let it go and everyone is assuming its already a done deal because of the fact that EA Play is currently in their setup. So if Electronic Arts are doing it, of course, Ubisoft must be doing it. Right?

Wrong. Until we see something with a little weight behind it confirm that these are indeed the plans for both platforms sometime in 2021, we're calling BS on this rumor and with any luck, it'll die a quick death until the day comes Ubisoft or Xbox announce its a reality.

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